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Pakistani dramas are watched worldwide, mainly in the parts of the world where Pakistanis diaspora. They are also popular in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India, UK and USA. Dramas like Humsafar and Udaari have been admired round the globe but some of the latest dramas in Pakistani industry are just ruining its reputation. Although Pakistani Film industry is growing fast but Pakistani Dramas still contribute a major share towards Showbiz in Pakistan. Do you want to find out the details about every single drama that is being watched in Pakistan? We have everything you need to know from old Pakistani Dramas to latest. And worst to best Pakistani Dramas of all time. Including their casts, OST and story lines.

Dunk ARY Digital
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Fahad Sheikh’s stellar acting in Dunk ARY Digital

Fahad Sheikh, a name that caught our attention due to his spectacular performance in the blockbuster drama serial Jalan, has once again become the center of attention for his stellar acting in Dunk ARY Digital. His character in Dunk ARY Digital unfolded over time from being a soft hearted elder brother to a guy who is full of rage yet helplessness surrounds him. It’s his brilliant acting that made him the first choice of many directors these days. Sheikh can be seen in 3 different currently aired dramas namely, Dunk ARY Digital, Ghamandi on express TV and Azmaish on...

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Haider Faces Safeer’s Rage in Dunk’s Upcoming Episode! 8 Screenshot 2021 02 10 21 59 47 789 com.google.android polarr
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Haider Faces Safeer’s Rage in Dunk’s Upcoming Episode!

Fahad Sheikh and Bilal Abbas Khan are known for their phenomenal acting in numerous drama serials. Bilal’s acting in Drama Serial Cheekh whereas Fahad’s acting in Drama Serial Jalan is commendable. They both have won the hearts of viewers in separate projects but this time Director Badar Mehmood brought them together in a single project that we call “DUNK” ARY Digital’s Dunk has been a center of attention for quite a while now. Every other Wednesday, the hashtag #DUNK is seen trending on twitter. Initially the drama serial rose to fame due to its controversial topic i.e...

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