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Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas are watched worldwide, mainly in the parts of the world where Pakistanis diaspora. They are also popular in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India, UK and USA. Dramas like Humsafar and Udaari have been admired round the globe but some of the latest dramas in Pakistani industry are just ruining its reputation. Although Pakistani Film industry is growing fast but Pakistani Dramas still contribute a major share towards Showbiz in Pakistan. Do you want to find out the details about every single drama that is being watched in Pakistan? We have everything you need to know from old Pakistani Dramas to latest. And worst to best Pakistani Dramas of all time. Including their casts, OST and story lines.

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Best Scenes of Dunk
Pakistani Dramas Pakistani Showbiz

Dunk Rewind – 9 Best Scenes of Dunk

Dunk Ary Digital has been one hell of a drive for viewers, numerous scenes can be called best scenes of dunk but we’ve chosen 9 best scenes of Drama Serial Dunk. Fans will miss DUNK, its amazing story and wonderful cast, specially our very own, Safeer (Fahad Sheikh), Haider (Bilal Abbas) and Amal (Sana Jawed). Let’s take a look back at the best scenes/moments the audience had witnessed of DUNK since it is coming to an end. 9 Best Scenes of Dunk ARY Digital There’s a scene in episode.5 where Saira (Yasra Rizvi) gets angry at Ayesha (her sister in law) and tells her...

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Raqs e Bismil episode 1 story
Pakistani Dramas Pakistani Showbiz

Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 Story – Written Update

Here comes a drama serial that modifies the way dramas are made and watched in Pakistan. Wajahat Rauf (Raqs e Bismil Director) has reappeared to television after a long time with this amazing drama serial that premiered 25th December on Hum Tv. Raqs e Bismil episode 1 set the breathtaking tone from the very first scene. After watching Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 story, we can say without any doubt that it will become a powerful play with a compelling script and leading cast actors who are at the best level in their drama careers. Drama serial Raqs e Bismil teasers also...

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