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Talented Raisa Raisani – Balochi Singer

Talented Raisa Raisani - Balochi Singer 1 Talented Raisa Raisani

Who is Raeesa Raisani

The recent record breaking talent of Pakistan Raisa Raisani; folk singer and qawal of Balochistan is not crippled to words. The rising star was born on the 12th of February, 1997 in Balochistan. She has completed her Bachelors in Business Admisitration from Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (Buitems). She is not just a talented singer but an absolutely well-learned and active student. 

Raisa Raisani’s Singing Journey on the road to success

Raisa started with reciting Nohas, Naats and sufiyana kalam at the age of 3. She is an autodidact, who learned without a teacher or any specific training. She was initially mocked because of her singing as she was not that good at it. But she never gave up regardless all the hurdles she had to face. She found music as an escape for her soul to a heaven-like realm.

Breaking the stereotypes of her culture and family, that followed the old ways where women were home-bound and had to suppress their dreams with their hearts. Raisa’s mother played the supporting role in kickstarting her journey as a singer and get exposure provincially and nationally.

Background and Raisa Raisani Achievements

Raisa has achieved a lot in her struggling phase. It was not only a journey of hurdles but many achievements, each a step closer to what she is today. Along with being a singer she is great debater and also the member of All Pakistan Debating Club.

Her first ever competition was an inter-faculty competition at her University Buitems in 2015, she secured the 3rd position in it. Then she participated in the All Balochistan inter-varsity singing competition and also secured a 3rd position. Her multilingual mannerism makes her exclusive and a standout. She can sing in:

● Urdu
● Balochi
● Hindi
● English
● Pashto
● Siraiki
● Punjabi
● Persian

Her inspiration is Nadeem Sarwar ( A famous Noha Khuwan) and our legendary singer Abida Parveen. She is true epitome of the younger Abida – her genre of music and singing styles distinguish her from other singers in the competition.

In 2017, the Department of Culture, Government of Balochistan coordinated an enormous scope singing competition ” Balochistan Talent Hunt” and welcomed understudies from everywhere in the territory. At the point when the insight about the contest arrived at college, the students and staff convinced and urged her to partake in rivalry. The Competition was extreme and each and every member of the opposition was just remarkable. Miss Raisa Raisani denoted the opposition with the second position and was granted the best female vocalist of Balochistan. She was valued by each one for her glorious voice. Her mellifluent voice intrigued the crowd to move on to each exhibition.

She has taken part in the Province as well as on the public level also. She was chosen from her college to take part in a show in Islamabad. Just after her most memorable rivalry, exquisite opportunities have opened arms for her. She worked with General Nasser Khan Janjua on September sixth occasions, where she had an opportunity to perform between varsity rivalry and significantly more. She additionally
recorded two tunes for PTV (Pakistan Television).

In her excursion of singing Miss. Raisani got diverse Awards. In 2017, she got safeguard from Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, Provincial Minister SNG&D, Government of Balochistan with a Cash Price of 1 Lac. She additionally got diverse honours and greenbacks from General Nasser Khan Janjua, General Raja Aftab Khan and Colonel Siddique for her outstanding exhibitions. She received multifarious appreciation awards from the known personalities of Pakistan.

● General Nasser Khan
● Janju
● General Raja Aftab Khan
● General Amer Riaz
● Colonel Siddique

She has represented Balochistan all over Pakistan with the words of her beautiful songs. And soon aspire to represent Pakistan overseas.

Fun Fact: Raeesa Raisani looks like Billie Eilish

Other than singing and debating she has been a part of various pursuits like:

● Social activist
● Feminist
● Public & Motivational Speaker
● Campus Leader in her University

“Wajah” by Shehzad Roy Featuring Raisa Raisni

For a really long time, Balochistan has been the most ignored piece of the country. Destroyed by political strife and unsteadiness, the way of life, language and its kin don’t gain the appreciation they merit. In any case, who better than Shehzad Roy to reverse the situation and that too with another melody which vows to “polish off the motivation behind why you (Balochistani individuals) are furious with us.”

Wajah highlights different artists including Raisa Raisani, Naeem Dilpul and Wasu Khan, all from various parts of Balochistan, every one of whom add their own component to the tune. Set against the delightful scenes of the area, including Kund Malir, the vocalists and team in the video should be visible wearing garments that address the way of life of the region. To add to the inclusivity are the different Balochi moves that have been remembered for the video too. Furthermore, wrapped flawlessly in everything Balochi, is a message of trust and a peace offering being reached out for the sake of solidarity.

Wajah Shahzad roy new song featuring Raisa Raisani and bloch singers

Record Breaking Balochi Song “LAILI” Raisa Raisani and Banur’s Band

She has remarkably set a stone by breaking the records with her new Balochi and Urdu song Laili. Her magical voice has left the fans in an awe. A tune that comes as a much-needed refresher in a scene now overwhelmed by redundant angsty rap and retro-popular and exciting music.

It is the latest release of Quetta-based multi-artist music outfit Banur’s Band. ‘Laili’ is a playful, folk-pop melody that puts on a full showcase of an assortment of customary Baloch instruments and weds the Baloch music and verses with a segmentin Urdu, probably to make the tune somewhat more satisfactory to standard crowds. Regardless of whether they hadn’t, ‘Laili’ would’ve worked its infectious sorcery on crowds in any case.

Brahui song Laili by Raisa Raisani Hussain Baksh and Banur’s Band

Furthermore, the rich exhibit of native instruments that are acted in the tune incorporates the piece — “The one with the poun sound,” which brings up Usman. In the video, you can see a man appearing as though he’s gnawing on a string that is making that sound. “It’s the sort of instrument which, when played in the mountains, sounds altogether different to that in the studio, due to the reverb of the mountains.”

This masterpiece has the heart of the entire Pakistani folk and has given Raisa an exposure within a short period of time. This is just the start pof her success journey. As the young talent is extremely skilled in her genre, hankering after success.