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Dunk Rewind – 9 Best Scenes of Dunk

Best Scenes of Dunk

Dunk Ary Digital has been one hell of a drive for viewers, numerous scenes can be called best scenes of dunk but we’ve chosen 9 best scenes of Drama Serial Dunk. Fans will miss DUNK, its amazing story and wonderful cast, specially our very own, Safeer (Fahad Sheikh), Haider (Bilal Abbas) and Amal (Sana Jawed). Let’s take a look back at the best scenes/moments the audience had witnessed of DUNK since it is coming to an end.

9 Best Scenes of Dunk ARY Digital

Dunk Rewind – 9 Best Scenes of Dunk 1 yasra rizvi

There’s a scene in episode.5 where Saira (Yasra Rizvi) gets angry at Ayesha (her sister in law) and tells her that she won’t meet people who are not willing to meet her husband and another scene where Saira yells at professor Anjum (Tara Mahmood) for stepping back from supporting her husband.

Best Scenes of Dunk ARY Digital

In episode.7, Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) is seen giving his shoulder to pick up the deceased body of professor Humayun (Nauman Ijaz) while covering his face, which was a total heroic moment for the audience. The way he portrayed the character with his strong body language, Surely, we can count this in the best scenes of dunk.

Dunk Rewind – 9 Best Scenes of Dunk 2 fahad amak

When Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) goes against his own brother Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) by telling Amal (Sana Javed) that he will have to stand in front of his own brother in order to protect his wife Amal. Fahad’s mix of sad and angry expressions were completely remarkable!

Best scenes of dunk

In episode.17, when Haider’s father points fingers at Haider’s wife Manal (Azekah Daniel), Haider tells him that he should ask Amal (Sana Javed) as of why he had not married her but Manal, in bold expressions.

A very shocking scene in episode.20, where Amal pretends as if Haider had harassed her by throwing things and her bangles to accuse him of rape attempt and when their family finds out, Safeer beats Haider in rage. Fahad Sheikh’s angry expressions were so real and full of feel.

Fahad’s acting in episode.25 is so emotional, where he sits down in front of his mother and asks her not to stay upset with him. To which his mother replies, how she never differentiated between him and Haider and won’t even now.

Dunk Rewind – 9 Best Scenes of Dunk 3 lailaaa

We love Laila Wasti’s acting in episode.26, where she tells her son Haider to fight against the allegations on him with full power and commitment. We were eagerly waiting for her speak up and she spoke in such a bold and beautiful way.

The episode of the whole season would definitely have to be episode.29! Where Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) present in our court, divorces Amal and gives his statement. That was the most astonishing and heart winning moment and a brilliant performance by Fahad Sheikh. And then Saira’s entry in the court was also surprising and splendid!

The second last episode had us all amazed and worried. Why did he threaten Amal? And a lot of other questions arose. But were soon answered by the promo of the last episode, which was a relief. The most emotional moment was when Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) apologized to his brother Haider and to which Haider hugged Safeer.

We cannot wait for the last episode to be aired soon. Fans will definitely miss DUNK and its cast members as well as the story. Let’s hope for a happy ending.

Article by Amna Nadeem