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Drama Serial Dunk Episode 1 Story – Written Update

Dunk Episode 1 Story

Dunk is a new ARY Digital drama serial starring very charming Sana Javed, handsome Bilal Abbas Khan, and veteran actor Nouman Ijaz in the lead roles. Viewers are very excited about the drama serial Dunk just because of its amazing cast and interesting storyline. After a lot of wait and anticipation, the drama serial Dunk Episode 1 is aired on Wednesday. So here we present complete information about the drama serial Dunk, Cast, Dunk Episode 1 Story, Reviews, and much more.

The story of the drama serial Dunk is full of thrill and suspense. This is the first time Bilal Abbas Khan and Sana Javed are paired up for a drama serial. No doubt, both are extremely talented actors and their fans are very excited to see them together in Dunk.

Dashing Fahad Sheikh and Gorgeous Azekah Daniel are also paired up for the drama serial Dunk. It looks like Dunk drama is going to set some new records in the Pakistani Drama Industry. Its amazing lead cast has made fans very excited.

The writer of the drama serial Dunk highlighted the social issue of harassment. According to my view, this drama is going to be the best drama just because of the Direction of Badar Mehmood (Famous for drama serials “Balaa” and “Cheekh”), Storyline and it’s amazing cast.

Dunk Drama Cast

Here is the complete cast of drama serial Dunk.

Dunk Drama Producers

  • Fahad Mustafa
  • Dr. Ali Kazmi

Dunk Drama Director

  • Badar Mehmood. 

Dunk Drama Writer

  • Mohsin Ali

Dunk Drama Timings

Dunk Drama Teasers

Dunk Drama Ost

  • Singer: Naeem Abbas Rufi
  • Composer: Waqar Ali
  • Lyricist: Sabir Zafar
  • D.O.P: Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Writer: Mohsin Ali
  • Promotion: Belal Ghouri & Rasheed Khan
  • Director: Badar Mehmood

Dunk Drama Promo


Dunk drama story is just like a mysterious drama serial Cheekh which is also directed by Badar Mehmood. Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas Khan are playing the lead roles as “Amal” and “Haider” respectively.

They both are engaged and surely love each other. But something wrong has happened with Amal, so she believes that Haider should leave her because she doesn’t deserve her. Haider replied that “I’ll not leave you (Amal) at any cost, I’ll be with you till my last breath”.

After watching teasers and Dunk’s drama promo we can surely say that Dunk’s drama story revolves around the social issue of “harassment”,  a case filed by a university student named Amal (Sana Javed) against her university Professor Humayun (Nouman Ijaz). Haider (Bilal Abbas) supports Amal in this case. But Professor Humayun refused all allegations. The life of Professor Humayun becomes wretched due to these harassment allegations.

Drama Serial Dunk Episode 1 Story

Episode 1 of the drama serial Dunk got aired on Wednesday, absolutely, it took the breath away.  Let’s have a closer look at Dunk episode 1 story. Dunk episode 01 introduced us to Prof. Humayun (Naumaan Ijaz) who is accused of harassment by a university student Amal (Sana Javed) and her fiance and cousin Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan). Media is also involved in this harassment case and Amal & Haider, along with other university students, are putting the institute’s reputation at risk and threatening to boycott the university.

When Haider and his friends made the harassment news viral on social media it got attracted by the media too. However, Haider asks Amal to face the media because that’s the only solution to this problem. On the other hand, Prof. Humayun is astonished due to this critical situation but he knows that he has to face the situation at any cost.

The vice-chancellor of the university asked Prof. Humayun to seek forgiveness and he replied Forgiveness for what? when I have not done anything wrong with her then why should I be sorry? As a result, the vice-chancellor of the university suspended Prof. Humayun without proven guilty.

The angry students want to punish Professor Humayun without any trial. Haider wants only justice while Prof. Humayun steals the show by performing brilliantly. He proved himself one of the best actors in the industry. On the other hand, Amal’s dialogues and facial expressions make you feel her pain.

Different drama scenes introduced us to the major characters in the play also highlighting some social issues like ‘log kya kahain gay” and why women often stay silent when she is being harassed by someone. We can see in Dunk Episode 1 story that the family dynamics of the three leading characters (Amal, Haider, and Prof. Humayun) are directly involved in the incident.

In Dunk, we are seeing only one side but this drama is layered with many sides. There is definitely more to the Dunk drama story than what we have been shown in episode 1. Why is Haider so aggressive? He looks exactly like the character Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan’s role in drama serial Cheekh). It shows that Haider’s older brother (Fahad Sheikh), will absolutely have a strong role in the drama Dunk, as seen in the Dunk trailers.

Drama serial Dunk is an intense watch and we look forward to an even more interesting story in the coming episodes.

Dunk Drama Episode 02 Promo

Dunk Drama Reviews

Big Bang Entertainment never fails to amaze us with its unique and shocking stories. Drama serial Dunk is one of the most awaited dramas of the Pakistani drama industry. Both Sana Javed after Khaani and Bilal Abbas Khan after Cheekh got their utmost success. So drama serial Dunk would be nothing but a treat for us. Sometimes reality is not what it looks and it takes ages to untie the truth behind all hidden layers of lies. 

The world is facing the realities of gender-based discrimination and harassment. While most harassment cases are genuine where women have really suffered, but unfortunately there are some cases of false allegations too. According to my view, the Dunk harassment case is also a false allegation on Prof. Humayun. Because Haider did something wrong and he is trying to hide with the help of his fiance Amal.

Dunk episode 1 story is also highlighting the fact that how quickly a man is assumed guilty of harassment without giving a single chance to prove himself.

From the first episode, the drama has set a fast-paced narrative bringing sensitive social issues into play. What a promising episode with brilliant performances of the leading cast, what do you think?

Each and every person played an amazing role in the drama serial Dunk, every character was too impressive and were good enough for goosebumps. Everything was on fleek from facial expressions to body language to dialogue delivery. 

We can conclude from the first episode of the drama serial that Man and woman have an equal level of respect. They both care for their respect and secure it too. If a woman is actually a harassment victim she should get support from her family and friends rather than staying quiet and asking her to forgive the accused.

Public Reactions on First Episode of Dunk

So what do you think guys? Is Professor Humayun is innocent and accused? let us know in the comments.