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Pakistani Billie Eilish’s Lookalike Raisa Raisani !

Raisa Raisani Lookalike Billie Eilish

Every individual is a reflection of their inner persona and characteristics. Physical appearance is just your image to make you look different from each other.
Our rising star Raeesa Raisani looks like Billie Eilish, says their tiktok fans. Yyesss!!! Appearance too.
But we’re talking more about the character and traits. They share so many qualities along with sharing similar facial features. Learn more about Billie Eilish Doppelganger from Pakistan, Baluchistani Singer Raisa Raisani, below.

Got Instant Recognition

Both Billie and Raisa got instant recognition on their song releases. Billie got exposure with her sing “The Ocean” and Raisa’s record breaking “Laili” is the kickstart to her success journey.

Achieved a lot While Being Younger

Billie Eilish is the youngest singer ever to win four Grammys in a row in a year. Raisa won so many appreciation awards not just as a singer but as a debater and an activist as well just as she was struggling her way through all the hurdles in her singing career.

Exposure outside of Traditional Norms

Billie was allowed to explore passions outside the traditional educational system. Raisa on the other hand set herself free from the stereotype society, breaking the norms of her cultural upbringing. She emerged out as a bold singer.


Billie released several hits after Ocean Eyes, she found exposure and the road to success. Raisa gained many awards throughout her journey, not only as a singer but a deator and an activist as well.

Their Mothers Played the Supporting Role

Both their mothers played the supporting role in their career. They let them follow their passion for music and supported them throughout.

Inspiration in Music

Billie’s songs are mostly inspired from her life experiences. She tries to write interesting and conversational lyrics. So does Raisa, she explains her province and it’s culture through her songs. Each portraying their messages beautifully in the form of music.

Style and Personality

Billie likes to style herself out of the comfort zone to look different and grab the attention of people. She says that she wants to seem intimidating to her audience and anybody who lays their eyes on her. And we see Raisa styling herself uniquely too, the blend of her culture with eastern and western dressing. Also her lip piercing makes her appear different yet beautiful. Billie is a natural blonde but her green locks are her
favorite look. Whereas Raisa herself has dyed her hair blonde.


Both are quite active and famous on tiktok. They make videos on their music and other sounds as well. People love to see both of them on their socials. Acting and singing, entertaining the public in every way possible.

Hence, not only their looks but there are numerous characteristics that makes them look alike. Each with representing their own unique cultures and singing styles.