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Pakistani Showbiz News & Updates

Pakistani Showbiz News and Updates – A place where all the latest happenings in the showbiz live. From fights, gossips, love affairs to friendship, trust and stories behind the smiling faces. Get to know what has happened and what’s new in the showbiz with us. Besides Latest Hum TV Dramas, learn about Pakistani show business figures appearing in all Pakistani Dramas airing on screen right now. Not only Pakistani Film stars

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Raisa Raisani Lookalike Billie Eilish
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Pakistani Billie Eilish’s Lookalike Raisa Raisani !

Every individual is a reflection of their inner persona and characteristics. Physical appearance is just your image to make you look different from each other.Our rising star Raeesa Raisani looks like Billie Eilish, says their tiktok fans. Yyesss!!! Appearance too.But we’re talking more about the character and traits. They share so many qualities along with sharing similar facial features. Learn more about Billie Eilish Doppelganger from Pakistan, Baluchistani Singer Raisa Raisani, below. Got Instant Recognition Both Billie and Raisa got instant recognition on their song...

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Talented Raisa Raisani - Balochi Singer 13 Talented Raisa Raisani
Pakistani Showbiz News & Updates Pakistani Music Pakistani Signers

Talented Raisa Raisani – Balochi Singer

Who is Raeesa Raisani The recent record breaking talent of Pakistan Raisa Raisani; folk singer and qawal of Balochistan is not crippled to words. The rising star was born on the 12th of February, 1997 in Balochistan. She has completed her Bachelors in Business Admisitration from Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (Buitems). She is not just a talented singer but an absolutely well-learned and active student.  Raisa Raisani’s Singing Journey on the road to success Raisa started with reciting Nohas, Naats and sufiyana kalam at...

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