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Finally Wait is Over – “Tumse Kehna Tha” is On Screens Now

Tumse Kehna tha

Hum TV entertains us so well,  drama serial “Tumse Kehna Tha” 1st episode is released on 25th Nov, 2020. So did you watch the first episode of the drama serial “Tumse Kehna tha”? How was that? Let’s discuss in detail.

Tumse Kehna Tha is one of the most anticipated drama serials of the year 2020 which the viewers have been waiting for ever since the images of its leading cast went viral on social media a couple of months earlier. 

First time we see Kinza Hashmi & Azfar Rehman together in the leading roles of any drama serial. The main cast of the drama serial is mentioned below.


  • Kinza Hashmi
  • Azfar Rehman
  • Raeed Muhammad Alam
  • Areej Mohyudin
  • Mariyam Mirza
  • Munazzah Arif
  • Leyla Zuberi
  • Erum Bajwa
  • Subhan


  • Fahim Burney


  • Jahenzeb Qamar



  • Monday & Tuesday at 9 PM

Aired On 

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

Teaser 4

Tumse Kehna Tha OST

Ost Song of the Drama Serial “Tumse Kehna Tha” was released on 10 Nov, 2020. Other details of the song are :

Voice : Ali Haider

Composition & Lyrics By : Ali Haider

Music By : Shumal Mirza

D.O.P : Rashid Abbas, Usman & Hasnain

Post : Farhan Ahmed

Tumse Kehna Tha Episode 01 Promo

Tumse kehna Tha Teaser 1 was released on 19 Nov,2020. The 1st Teaser of the show seemed very sweet, soft hearted and looked like an endearing romance. 

Episode 01

Episode one shows the sweet sisters’ relationship between Rabi (Areej Moheyuddin) and Yusra (Kinza Hashmi). Rabi is a childish, college going girl while on the other hand Yusra is the elder responsible sister who works and earns and satisfies her younger sister’s demands. 

Both sisters fairly seem to care for one another. If Yusra is responsible for Rabi’s finances then Rabi cares for Yusra’s future. She even helps set up Yusra’s shaadi.com profile.

Then in the next scene Saba Chaudhry (Nadia Afgan) enters, a matchmaker who works to bring proposals directly. Just like a “rishtay wali auntie”. Saba promises to bring a good proposal for Yusra. 

Meanwhile, Rabi bumps into Faris (Azfar Rehman) at the store while buying a gift for her Lover Yasir and gets into an altercation with Faris, which impresses Faris somehow. Do such types of guys actually exist and How do they get impressed with such childish behavior of girls?Amazingly, he ends up at Yusra’s house along with his mother, a greater thanks to Saba. When Faris steps outside for a moment, he again bumps into Rabi, Again? What a coincidence. Rabi initially asks why he has followed her house but later she reacts very commonly when she realizes he’s there to see Yusra. Yusra, Rabi and Faris are seen sharing a nice moment together.

Tumse Kehna Tha Episode 02 Promo

Reviews & Suggestions

Overall it’s a nice start, notably that of Kinza Hashmi & Areej Moheyuddin because they managed to make their existence felt. Now the drama serial may go on to be a nice drama and the first episode is no doubt nicely presented and is highly exciting to watch. 

After viewing 1st episode of drama serial Tumse Kehna tha & its Teaser 2, Once again a question is arised, Why will we be heading down the path of a man choosing one sister over the other? Why two sisters against one another just for one shared man?. When will drama creators realize we do not want to watch this type of drama? 

Is Faris so dull that he does not sense how incorrect his suggestion is? In Fact  Rabi sees him, she looks very simple because she immediately accepts him as her future brother-in-law.

I just want to end my review with these questions: Is there no other topic to focus on other than love stories? Is there no other girl alive except Hero’s “saali” to fixate on? Is the sister’s relationship no longer a loving & caring bond? So kindly Let’s do better, we are capable of doing better.

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