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Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani celebrities are no less than the celebrities on the other side of the world when it comes to talent, style, humor or even social awareness. Their work in Pakistani Dramas and films is splendid. There’s a lot more to them than they show. Get to know our Pakistani celebrities closely from their Fashion to love affairs, past lives to their current lifestyle.

Actress Rabab Hashim Wedding
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Pakistani Actress Rabab Hashim Ties Knot with Sohaib Shamshad

Many Pakistani celebrities tied the knot in 2020. No doubt, this year becomes very hard for everyone due to Pandemic Covid 19. Pakistani Celebrities fans know the expected weddings in 2020 but some of them are very unexpected for everyone during the lockdown. The only good thing that happened just because of the lockdown is “Simple Weddings”. Our Pakistani Celebrities managed to put a smile on our faces during this hard time. Similarly, Actress Rabab Hashim is going to share the amazing news with you guys. Popular Celebrity Weddings 2020 Some simple but yet elegant wedding...

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