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Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 Story – Written Update

Raqs e Bismil episode 1 story

Here comes a drama serial that modifies the way dramas are made and watched in Pakistan. Wajahat Rauf (Raqs e Bismil Director) has reappeared to television after a long time with this amazing drama serial that premiered 25th December on Hum Tv. Raqs e Bismil episode 1 set the breathtaking tone from the very first scene. After watching Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 story, we can say without any doubt that it will become a powerful play with a compelling script and leading cast actors who are at the best level in their drama careers.

Drama serial Raqs e Bismil teasers also recommend that it will make you forget “Adam” from Mushk and “Miraal” from Sabaat. The performances of all actors are so powerful and exciting.

Hashim Nadeem scripts are unique and always deal with an underlying message with matters of the heart and pure love connected with the Love of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. After a long time, I was honestly excited to watch the opening episodes of the drama series Dunk and Raqs-e-Bismil, the first episodes of both dramas were faultless. Both dramas highlighted some serious issues of our today’s society.

In Raqs e Bismil episode 1, from the first scene to the last one, every scene is engaging and meaningful. Some major issues highlighted in this Raqs e Bismil episode 1 have been highlighted in other dramas as well but overall the theme of the drama seems to be all-encompassing. Raqs e Bismil is an unconventional and passionate love story.

Raqs e Bismil Cast

Raqs e Bismil Director

  • Wajahat Rauf

Raqs e Bismil Producer

  • Shazia Wajahat

Production House

  • Momina Durad (MD) Productions

Raqs e Bismil Writer

  • Hashim Nadeem

Raqs e Bismil Ost

  • Singer: Vicky Akbar
  • Music by: Hassan Ali
  • Original Lyrics: Farhat Abbas Shah
  • Original Composition: Riaz Ali Khan
  • Additional Composition: Hassan Ali
  • Art Director: Qasim Badshah
  • D.O.P: Asrad Khan & Arsalan Ahmed
  • Edited by: Asad Ahmed
  • Copyrights (Song): Mekaal Hasan

Raqs e Bismil Episode 01 Promo

Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 Story

Raqs e Bismil episode 1 story revolves around Peer Qudrat Ullah Shah (Mehmood Aslam) Family (Astana). Peer Qudrat Ullah is the head of a Syed family and has some strict rules and regulations for the family members. Those family members who broke these rules in the past were killed. Qudrat Ullah has two sons Moosa (Imran Ashraf) and Essa (Momin Saqib). His older son Moosa takes all his responsibilities as a ‘Janasheen’. Moosa has beliefs perhaps more rigorous than his father.

The younger son Essa looked to have a completely different personality. Essa informed Moosa about their cousin Sakina (Anoushy Abbasi) secretly getting married to a guy named Kamran who does not belong to a Syed family. 

Their assertive beliefs do not allow anyone to marry out of the Syed family so they stopped her nikkah, beat Kamran and his friends. At the end they forcibly took their cousin Sakina back home.

Although Essa was the one who informed Moosa about the secret nikkah and supported him genuinely, Essa is clearly head over heels in love with Sakina and wants to marry her but she has no feelings for him at all.

Peer Qudrat Ullah decided to conduct a Nikkah Ceremony of Sakina with Essa. On the Other hand, Essa thought that is Sakina is a good choice for her because she wants something else? Moosa’s mother tried hard to convince Sakina to marry Essa.

The conversation Moosa had with Sakina before her nikkah was one of the best scenes. It revealed how Moosa had protected Sakina over the years and that time she was actually proud that Moosa was her brother. He went too far in protecting her this time around and ended up making those decisions for her which Sakina would have gladly taken for herself.

The compelling moment was when Sakina cursed Moosa that “with Allah’s Willing, he will fall in love with someone, and then he won’t be able to get his love in entire life”. After this, we witnessed how Moosa clearly expressed his feelings to his mother that he wants to marry a righteous girl who must not have shown her face to any “Namehram”. Might be Sakina’s Baddua will haunt him in the future.

In the end, Moosa meets Zohra (Sarah Khan) accidentally on a public bus. That scene was beautifully captured as well. Stay with us till next week to check episode 02 complete story.

Highlighted Issue of Raqs e Bismil

The harsh reality of our society where many families do not ask their kids about their marriages especially girls. We witnessed how the women in Peer Sahab’s Kashana e Pira have no contribution in matters of life & death and they are just like showpieces. So they are guarding them who as they are the sole keeper of the family’s honor and pride. Are only women are true representative of the honor and pride of a family? Think about it!

Raqs e Bismil Episode 02 Promo

Raqs e Bismil Character’s Review

Moosa’s character is capable of loving others even with all his rage and the reputation he has. Moosa also has double standards because he wants to choose his wife himself but will never give the right to do the same to girls belonging to his family. He defined a definition of a perfect woman and a list of expectations from a good woman in front of his mother according to his own beliefs. There are certain sets of rules in the family regarding weddings.

Essa seems like a completely different personality as compared to his elder brother Moosa. Coming episodes will reveal more about his personality.

Sakina is a confident and educated young girl who had the guts to speak up for her rights. Even though Sakina has been living in such a conservative environment, she refuses to accept the rules but at the same time, she is aware of the dangers associated with breaking strict rules.

Sakina and Essa are really pleasing characters therefore I’m looking forward to their track. It seems like Sakina might fall in love with Essa in the future.

Nida Mumtaz’s character as a mother with a loving and soft nature balanced out the rigorous attitude of Moosa and Peer Qudrat Ullah.  While on the other hand, Sakina’s mother (Javeria Abbasi) also did whatever she could do to save her daughter and there was no resentment and bitterness in her attitude even later on. 

The drama is fast-paced and audiences will be able to connect immediately with all the characters. Even Sarah Khan’s entry in the drama was shot beautifully. It is refreshing to see a different story on television. All women in the drama series are supportive of each other.

Raqs e Bismil Story Reviews

This Raqs e Bismil Episode 1 Story clearly indicates that it is a must-watch drama serial because it has everything it takes to attract the viewer’s attention. The overall feel of Raqs e Bismil episode 1 was impressive from the locations, picture quality, camerawork to the looks developed by all the actors. 

In Raqs e Bismil episode 1 story, we realized that they beautifully focused on the main characters, not over-crowded at all and the whole cast is best for the roles they have been committed to. How Imran Ashraf translated his character “Moosa” on screen was especially impressive. Anoushay Abbasi as Sakina nailed all the scenes. Hashim Nadeem’s script and Wajahat Rauf’s direction were both on point. I am eagerly looking forward to more episodes.

It rarely ever happens in dramas that you feel a connection to all the characters introduced in the first episode instantly, but in Raqs e Bismil episode 1 story I felt a quick connection to all characters and had no difficulty in understanding them.

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Raqs e Bismil Public Reactions

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