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10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement

Nescafe Basement
Nescafe Basement is a Pakistani Music Series, which features only live Studio recorded performances by the emerging Pakistani artists

After Coke Studio, this is the only Music Based TV Show that was recognized internationally. Nescafe Basement is produced by Nescafe and the legendary Singer / Music producer Xulfi of the band Call. Getting into Nescafe Basement is a dream of every Pakistani artist who has love for music.

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Nescafe and Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan embarked on a journey of finding the raw talent from across the country and presenting them to the world after mentoring and grooming. They went around different colleges and universities to find young & talented musicians who could sing and play different instruments.

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So far, 5 seasons of Nescafe Basement have been released and every other song is amazing. The music arrangement and the music videos are so well crafted that you can’t stop falling in love with it.

10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement

All the musicians and singers who performed in Nescafe Basement have our respect but the following 11 artists have made a huge name for themselves and thousands of fans are adding up to the list everyday.

Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali is a Pakistani Singer and Songwriter from Karachi, Sindh. No doubt he has command over multiple genres but he is well known for Sufi, Ghazal & Qawwali singing.

Zeeshan Ali Nescafe Basement

In 2018, Zeeshan Ali was officially featured for the first time on TV in  Nescafe Basement season 4 and his song was “Tere Jeya Hor Disdah”. This song got Worldwide popularity just because of his sufi touch in singing, no doubt he has a soft and charming voice. Here is the mind blowing performance of Zeeshan Ali in Tere Jeya Hor Disdah.

Arsalan Hasan

Arsalan Hasan is multi-talented, he is a vocalist, multi instrumentalist, audio engineer, song writer, music producer and composer. He has performed all over Pakistan where he entertained the youngsters in different schools and college events. Arsalan Hasan is also the youngest artist of Pakistan who got an opportunity in a global platform Broadcast Music , Inc. (also known as BMI). He entertained the viewers by his multiple talents and represented him internationally through BMI. 

10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement 3 Arsalan Hasan min

Arsalan hasan also been awarded a scholarship at Berklee school of music, US. He is the first and only pakistani who was featured on Radio One Lebanon.

10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement 4 arsa min

He released one single song ‘Umeed’, currently he is working on various songs and he planned to release them with international collaboration.

Arsalan Hasan appeared in Nescafe basement season 3 & 4 as a musician. He got nationwide popularity in the Pakistani music industry. He played multiple instruments in various songs.  In an interview, he said that Nescafe Basement is an excellent platform for youngsters and they can learn alot about music in this television series.

Zain Zohaib

The talented Duo Zain Ali & Zohaib Ali (Known as Zain Zohaib Qawwal) are grandsons of Ustaad Haji Rehmat Ali. As they were brought up in a classical music background family, they started practicing as Qawwals when they saw their grandfather and Uncles perform along with the great legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement 5 zain zohaib qawwal

They said in an interview that we faced many hurdles in our musical journey. As there is no proper platform for aspiring and struggling singers. Similarly we go through a very tough struggling phase looking for a proper platform. Then Nescafe Basement approaches us, we feel extremely blessed that Sir Zulfiqar & Nescafe Basement gives us a platform where we can show our skills to the world. Zain played Tabla in “Tere Jeya Hor Disdah” in season 4.

Then Xulfi gives them an opportunity to play their own Qawwali “Haiderium” in the latest season of Nescafe Basement. In the early stage of their struggle, they faced many difficulties but as their talent of Qawwali in the “Haiderium” was unique, it sparked among people in a short period of time.

Karakoram Band

Shehreyar Khattak – also known as Sherry Khattak in music circles, he is the front man of Karakoram Band, a songwriter and lead guitarist for the Karakoram Band. Other members of the band are Bilawal Lahooti (drums player), Zain Peerzada (guitarist) and Umair Farooq (bass player).

These four men joined together and dropped their first single “Toofan” in 2018. Pure Neo Prog Rock fans captivated by a new band that knows what they are doing in this genre.

After two years before Karakoram band dropped its second single, ‘Raasta’ with a music video. Raasta is a melancholic, Neo Prog song that shows the versatility Karakoram Band possesses. Shehreyar Khattak, involved with Nescafe Basement since season 3, he did a lot more than just play the guitar on Nescafe Basement and he was involved in music production as well.

The All Girls Band

The music producer of Nescafe Basement took another initiative to bring together 10 female musicians for a cover song Love Me Again (John Newman). Xulfi said that i had heard a song on the radio, something flash in my mind suddenly. I thought that a bunch of girls would definitely sing this song. For this purpose, he recalls all auditions in his mind and makes a list of all passionate girls who are professionals of different instruments. 

All ten girls who are the members of  The All Girls Band are :

  • Mishal Faheem – Drummer
  • Maham Riaz – Pianist
  • Amal Nadeem – Violinist
  • Maria Fatima – Vocalist & Guitarist
  • Arfa Chaudhary – Sitar Player
  • Kristin Kinaria – Acoustic guitars & Vocals
  • Jannat Sohail – Ukulele Player
  • Sumaira Waris – Tabla Player
  • Anna Salman – Lead Vocalist
  • Sanya Shahzad – Vocalist & Bassist

Within days this song went viral to the extent that it reached John Newman himself, who also appreciated this through his tweet.

The current members of The All Girls Band are Anna Salman (lead vocalist and guitars), Amal Nadeem( violin player), Mishal Faheem (drums player) and Sumera Waris ( tabla player). Other six members of the group left due to personal reasons.

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Sibtain Khalid

Sibtain Khalid is a singer, song writer, composer and producer. He started his music journey from Nescafe Basement season 3. He is a multi talented person.

His first song with Nescafe Basement “Sajna” was released in 2017 which is written and composed by Sibtain khalid and Music is produced by Zulfi.

In 2020, he released “Nai Jeena” song featuring the gorgeous Sabeeka Imam which crossed 1.5 millions views. His hard work in “Nai Jeena” is appreciated by his fans.

Syeda Hadia Hashmi

Syeda Hadia Hashmi is one of the most admired singers from Nescafe Basement Season 5.  Xulfi and the entire Nescafe Basement team are not coming slow, they show great talents in different seasons of the series. In the fifth season of Nescafe Basement, they shocked the nation by debuting a young 8 years old singer Syeda Hadia Hashmi.

She performed “Bol Hu” with “Soch – The Band”. Everyone is blown away just because of her singing prowess. Here is the mind blowing performance of Syeda Hadia Hashmi in Bol Hu.

The song gives you goosebumps, the lyrical content and composition is done by Adnan Dhool of Soch Band and he has done a great job. Bol Hu was not only loved by Pakistani Musicians but also across the borders. Our all time favorite Indian Singer Sonu Nigam Reacted to the video.

Leo Twins

Leo Twins (Haroon & Sharoon) are great Pakistani musicians and multi instrumentalists. They officially started their music career in Nescafe Basement season 3.

Now they have been a regular part of the series. Sharoon plays Violin & Cello while on the other hand Haroon can play almost ten  different instruments which are Guitar, Rubab, Piano, darbuka, ukulele etc.

They also released many instrumental covers on their official YouTube channel. Undoubtedly Leo Twins are an asset to this nation, such talent is rare and hard to find. Hats off to Zulfi and team Nescafe Basement for finding and refining such talent. Here’s an instrumental of Despacito by Leo Twins.

Bayaan Band

Bayaan Band consists of 5 members Asfar Hussain (Vocalist), Muqeet Shahzad (Guitarist), Shahrukh Aslam (Guitarist), Mansoor Lashari (Drummer) & Haider Abbas (Bassist).

Haider, Muqeet and Masoor know each other before Nescafe Basement. After that, Mansoor and Haider became a part of Nescafe Basement where they performed with Asfar & Shahrukh. Then “Bayaan Band” came into existence.

Bayaan Band started its musical journey with Nescafe Basement and released some singles. After that they decided to produce their own music and released some amazing songs.

Soon after their success in Nescafe Basement and immense admiration by the fans. Bayaan participated in Pepsi Battle of the bands and won the title of Pepsi BOB.

10 Amazingly Talented Artists from Nescafe Basement 31 bayaaaaan

Bayaan Band creates beautiful music along with meaningful lyrics and soothing compositions. They have created songs on Life, Struggle, Humanity and more. Their topic selection of songs is just out of the box. Here’s a beautiful melody by Bayaan that we are in love with,

Rizwan Anwer

Rizwan Anwer is a Pakistani singer, composer and lyricist. He started his musical journey way back in 2008. Before taking part in Nescafe Basement, Rizwan was known for his song “Laiyaan Laiyaan”. 

Rizwan Anwer sings a violin and orchestra driven track  “Tu Mera Nahin”. The other team members of this track were Sharoon on violin, Sherry on electric guitars, Haroon on acoustic guitars, Omair on bass, Asif Amin on tabla and Bilawal on drums.

Tu Mera nahin  will make you feel vulnerable and comfortable at the same time. Rizwan anwer’s soothing vocals rein the whole orchestra towards glory and this is why this track sits at the top of all time favorite songs of Nescafe Basement.

Rizwan Anwer Nescafe Basement
Rizwan Anwer