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Velo Sound Station vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

Velo Sound Station VS Funk Folk

Pakistani Music Industry is flooded with content these days. Every now and then we see emerging Pakistani Singers releasing singles and Brands initiating high budgeted musical seasons. In this article we will be doing a detailed comparison of newly launched VELO Sound Station and culturally rich Punjabi Musical Season “FUNK FOLK” by Tahir Abbas. VELO Sound Station as evident from the name, is a sponsored show backed by a collaboration between BTC and PTC.

VELO Sound Station features some of the most prominent main stream artists such as Atif Aslam, Umair Jaswal, Uzair Jaswal, Aima Baig, Meesha Shafi, and many more. VELO has invested heavy budgets of Production, Marketing and Technical Resources. Whereas “FUNK FOLK” is a one man initiative with no brand sponsors or third party funding. Funk Folk features Tahir Abbas in collaboration with three other female artists.

So far, VELO has released 9 songs but not even one of those songs could make an impact. We witnessed some heavy bashing on social media. Even after featuring living legends like Atif Aslam and Strings, they still couldn’t connect with the hearts of the people.

Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

On the Contrary, Funk Folks’ song “Multan” has broken all the previous records of content virility. This culturally rich Punjabi song by Tahir Abbas remained trending for over one month on social media platforms; not only in Pakistan but in India also. The Funk Folk Season garnered over 50 million views on YouTube while it generated buzz on other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram across the Continent.

“Tahir Abbas” stepped up as the lone torch bearer of the Musical Season Funk Folk. No Brand, No Sponsor, Just his talent and sincere effort. From the Thal desert to the lush green plains of South and central Punjab, the pluvial Potohar and across the borders, his voice has been echoing from every nook and corner of the country.

Through his inimitable style of singing, this young, energetic, dynamic and lively singing sensation is giving a unique genre of touch to the folk music of Punjab, ruling over the hearts of thousands of Punjabi music lovers in a short span of time.

Velo Sound Station vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

The musical season Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas also features some other talented female artists such as Rafeel Ijaz, Elizabeth Roy and Afifa Butt. The lyrics and composition of the songs is so catchy, you hear it once and you keep repeating it all day long. Tahir Abbas has this unique ability to create such music that hits just the right notes in the hearts of the people. He didn’t opt for fancy and high budgeted sets, instead he chose to design a unique yet cultural and funky set in his own bedroom. But why? Because he believed in his music. He believed in the power of good content. This is a strong message and motivation for all the upcoming musicians that you don’t have to wait for an opportunity to knock your doors instead go and create an opportunity. If you are passionate and believe in your talent, nothing can stop you from getting the love and appreciation of the audience.

Velo Sound Station vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

The Punjabi Musical Season Funk Folk is full of cultural essence, soul and is totally relatable. Tahir Abbas has smartly played around with the lyrics and composition that it resonates with the Southern Punjabi Culture and people from all ages and domains are falling in love with it. Tahir’s vocals are a mixture of the pathos and exceptional sweetness complemented by immortal melodies.

Funk Folk has released 4 songs so far,

The first song of the Album is “Multan” in which Rafeel Ijaz female singer joined the course and which is the literal tribute to the land of Sufis-Multan.

Another song of the Album namely “Motorway” has been released on the Youtube channel of Tahir Abbas which enlightening and little sarcastically depicts the politics, country’s conditions, and attitudes of the peoples, love and passion for the sacrifice. Another singing prodigy Elizabeth Roy, who has won millions hearts while singing in the Coke Studio, is the duet singer in this much-responded song.

The third song of the Album namely “Pyaar” has been released on the Youtube channel of Tahir Abbas, which has created ripples among the heart and minds of the Punjabi and folk lovers.

The Fourth and final song of the album is “Inkaar” has been released on the Youtube channel of Tahir Abbas, featuring young energetic female singer Afifa Butt.

“I have an unwavering passion for the promotion of Punjabi folk music. I want to take it to new heights through my vocals,” says Tahir Abbas, adding that he is already humbled with the acceptance, love and respect by his followers and music lovers. Tahir Abbas has already won millions hearts through the spell of his voice as he is producing hit songs and albums which are becoming an instant hit as he is a composer also, who is weaving his personal experiences into his lyrics.

Tahir Abbas says that he doesn’t consider herself as just a singer but a storyteller. He interprets songs like they are part of a larger narrative and his job is to find an emotion, a mood and a whole colour palette in which he can stay in.

Velo Sound Station vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

Asked if he has a special connection to Punjabi music, he said: “Absolutely, that’s where my roots are, that’s the kind of music that I like.” Tahir Abbas says: “It’s his deep-rooted love for Punjabi folk music.” Tahir Abbas is a magician who can kill with his voice and his singing is so powerful that his words resounded without the microphone.

If an artist can create such a success story single handedly, why can’t these big giants create one? What went missing in VELO Sound Station? The Soul? The Execution? Artist Selection or what? Music is not about big names or heavy marketing budgets. It’s about the purity, the art and the passion that never lets you stop. It’s the soul in his beautiful voice and culturally rich content that made its place in the hearts of millions of fans. Today, Funk Folk is one of the most listened musical seasons created by any individual.

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