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Best Winter Outfits of famous Pakistani Celebrities

Winter season seems to add another level of difficulty in looking stylish. It is that season where you will just have to add some extra things to look cute, stylish and warm at the same time. So in this season, it’s become a challenge how to dress in winter for females? Pakistani celebrities set a trend when they wear classy outfits in the winter season.  So you can find the trendy winter outfits 2020, winter outfit ideas 2020,  new winter fashion trends, cute winter outfit, casual winter outfit, winter casual outfits for ladies, winter casual outfits for...

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Sibte Hassan Songs
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Sibte Hassan – The Voice Behind HUM TV Drama OST Bhool Jaa Ay Dil

Sibte Hassan possesses a very strong vocal tone and has been entertaining us with his solos since his return from New Zealand to fulfil his love for music. He has been working on few movie projects along with some great names of the industry. For the past two years Sibte Hassan has been producing music for movies & dramas. Bhool Ja Ay Dil OST by Sibte Hassan His recent release is an OST for Hum Tv drama ‘Bhool Jaa Ay Dil’. The song has been composed, written, sung & produced by Sibte Hassan. This romantic, intense duet is an entertaining piece and is very well...

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