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Aima Baig sister wedding
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Aima Baig Sister Wedding – Gorgeous Pics

The Pakistani Music Industry has a great variety of voices and versatility of talent that every musician is the expert in his/her genre. We have many gems in the music industry and they have done extraordinary work which is admirable to be named evergreen. Aima Baig proves herself as a real gem of the Pakistani Music Industry. So here in this blog post, we are also going to talk about Aima Baig’s complete Biography, Aima Baig Family recent news, songs, etc. Although there are many young female singers in the Pakistani music industry, in fact, the new singers have...

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Velo Sound Station VS Funk Folk
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Velo Sound Station vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

Pakistani Music Industry is flooded with content these days. Every now and then we see emerging Pakistani Singers releasing singles and Brands initiating high budgeted musical seasons. In this article we will be doing a detailed comparison of newly launched VELO Sound Station and culturally rich Punjabi Musical Season “FUNK FOLK” by Tahir Abbas. VELO Sound Station as evident from the name, is a sponsored show backed by a collaboration between BTC and PTC. VELO Sound Station features some of the most prominent main stream artists such as Atif Aslam, Umair Jaswal, Uzair...

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