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List of Pakistani Dramas Banned by PEMRA in 2020

Pakistani Dramas Banned

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has ordered a ban on the repeat telecast of famous Pakistani dramas Pyar Ke Sadqay and Ishqiya. PEMRA stated that the action taken due to their content is against our social and religious values. PEMRA announced in a notice  that they have received many complaints against the drama Jalan and currently they are looking on this matter. So here’s a List of Pakistani Dramas Banned by PEMRA in 2020.

  • Jalan
  • Pyar ke Sadqay
  • Ishqiya

SamaaTV official tweet about the ban of dramas.

@QaisarCamran video link discussing on this issue.

Storyline and Reasons of Banned Pakistani Dramas

Drama Jalan

Storyline of the drama serial Jalan revolves around two sisters, one man, and one maternal cousin. The two madly in love with each other sisters Nisha and Misha have many differences but still, they adore each other. Areeba Habib as Misha is the elder one and Minal Khan as Nisha is the younger one.

Apart from love, they acquire two extremely distant personalities. On the other hand, Emmad Irfani as Asfandyar falls in love with Misha and then marries her. Furthermore, Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer loves Nisha a lot but Nisha wants more.

Reason of Ban on Drama Jalan

 In the issued notice, PEMRA announced that they have received many complaints against drama serial Jalan and they are looking into this matter. Most of the complaints are about the main storyline of the drama which is against our morals and cultural values. 

Drama Pyar ke Sadqy

Pyar Ke Sadqay is the cutest love story of two characters Mehjabeen and Abdullah who are so pure and simple. It was actually surprising to see Bilal Abbas Khan for the first time in a completely different character as a simple and innocent person. Bilal Abbas khan is intelligent in studies and topped his university in mathematics. Yumna Zaidi has performed very well with Abdullah.

While they are making  a cute bonding in the drama. On the other hand, Mahjabeen is someone who has always failed in her examinations. However she always dreamed of topping in the class. Her famous dialogue from the drama Pyar ke Sadqay  which goes viral all over social media is “Ammaa fail hone walon ko bhi Ezzat chahiye hoti hai”.

Mahjabeen got a proposal from a doctor, she feels relaxed from her studies and she is excited about her freedom from appearing in exams. This drama gives a perfect mixture of love, comedy and romance.

Reason of Ban of Drama Pyar k sadqay

The reason behind the ban announced by PEMRA ( Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ) (PEMRA) is that the content of the dramas is against the teachings of our society. 

Drama Ishqiya

Ramsha Khan acts as Hamna, who is a soft hearted, loving  and caring girl and she sacrifices her love to uphold her father’s wish. On the other hand, Hania Amir who acts as Roomi in the drama is Hamna’s younger sister. She is a simple and straightforward girl who enjoys life to the fullest. Feroz Khan acts as Hamza in the drama and is a very sensitive young man who loves Hamna but destiny comes to play. 

Hamna and Hamza are college friends. They are in love with each other. Hamna is waiting for the right time to tell about their relation to her parents, while her father  is looking for a good match for her elsewhere. Saddiqui sahib’s friend Kashif gives Hamna’s proposal for his son Azeem. Upon her ailing father’s request, Hamna had to sacrifice her love and marry Azeem. Now Hamza feels betrayed and aggressively wants to take revenge.

Reason of Banned Drama Ishqiya

The PERMA has announced to ban the repeat telecast of the famous drama Ishqiya. The reason behind the ban is that the content of the dramas is against the teachings of our muslim society.

Web Series Churails

In aug 2020, the first Pakistan web series drama Churails  was released and it was an instant hit. All the four leading ladies of drama including Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, Yasra Rizvi and Nimra Bucha became the gleaming stars as their acting skills were highly appreciated by the audience. 

Suddenly they got a spotlight, they were invited by many interviewers.

The drama portrays four extreme women belonging to entirely different backgrounds, united for a common cause. The aim is to take revenge on the men responsible for their downfall and try to give justice to all other women going through similar situations.

Audience really appreciated the story line and the concept of women empowerment. Some people also raised their concerns about the web series but overall it was a big hit.

Why was Churails Banned in Pakistan?

Couple of days ago an unethical statement from Hina Khawaja Bayat one of leading actress of drama Churails went Viral in which she is talking about her way to success which was really not a thing that anyone wants to hear on the national Television.

A lot of people show their quick response against the clip. PEMRA took immediate decision to ban the Churails in Pakistan. There is no statement from India on this issue. But #Churail goes viral on twitter Pakistan. Some audiences are in favor of the drama and some are against.

#Churails is currently trending on twitter.

Director and writer of Churails Asim Abbasi also complained about biased censorship by PEMRA.

You can check following twitter links using #Churails.

Pakistani Celebrities reaction on Ban of Web series Churails

Scenes in Pakistani Dramas Banned by PEMRA

We have a list of scenes which are banned in Pakistani Dramas( banned by PEMRA). Which type of scenes are banned in Pakistani Dramas by PEMRA.

Impacts of Pakistani Dramas Banned by PEMRA

Everything has two aspects: some are good and some are bad. But here in this post  our main purpose is to let you know how modern TV dramas are intentionally or unintentionally destroying our culture and moral values. We have mentioned some Pakistani Dramas banned by PEMRA. Now we’ll check the impacts of Pakistani Dramas banned by PEMRA on our society and culture. PEMRA took their decisions according to the complaints of the Pakistani audience.

So drama industry should focus on the needs of a Muslim society.


Nothing has a greater effect on our lives in this modern era but science, finance, and the media. The media is not just a fourth pillar but also the backbone of a democratic society. The new dramas are showing glamour, family politics, they affected our living styles and had corrupted our society.


Media of any country is the reflection of any society. Every country is displaying their own culture and values. On the other hand, Pakistani Media is showing a mixture of different cultures. There are many  anti Islamic, anti moral activities that are accepted by our culture.

According to my personal opinion Pakistani Dramas play a very major role in the change of our cultural values. Unfortunately our drama industry is not realizing it.  We all are not realizing that this is the “cultural war” and a greater threat to our culture and values. 


We are losing our culture and identity, now families can’t sit together to watch Pakistani dramas. In Fact we get to see the storylines inspired by the indian soaps. The worst part is that we can’t realise the impacts of such things on our youth. I have seen many negative things like extra marital affairs, a girl having an affair with brother-in-law, a boy trying to impress his sister-in-law, old age persons having a crush on their daughter’s friend  and much more. These are only a few examples from some dramas.

Just think for a moment, how these things affect the minds of our youth? And what type of drama culture we are giving to our future generations.


Producers of the drama industry are insecure now after censorship. So they have to put their money on quality dramas.

There are many people in the industry who play different roles to run the drama industry. They have to realize the cultural importance of an Islamic country. So Investors invest their money on those projects which are based on the Muslim society rules and regulations. 

Future of Drama Industry

If we focus on such negative things then the future of Pakistani dramas is not safe for society. Because we are showing bad things to our society. We are far away from our own culture.

Ertughrul Ghazi is the best example for us to understand the major idea. Foreign content (turkish dramas) are dubbed in urdu to entertain the audience. This is the low cost business strategy applied by our channels. Our local artists and directors have raised their voice against this foreign trend. They must raise objections about the quality of their own productions.

In the PTV era, there were no private channels but we have quality content which entertains the audience very well. 

So my personal opinion is that our social and cultural values need to be addressed urgently. Because negativity of Pakistani dramas directly affects the mindsets of our younger generation. So our media industry must realize the impact of such negative things on our society.

All personals who are directly or indirectly connected to the industry have a big responsibility to change their way of working for the betterment of our society. 

This was my personal view, You can share your views in the comment section.


By checking the main reasons behind the band of banned dramas of 2020. We conclude that Pakistani audiences have greater concerns about the cultural and moral values. So keeping these in mind, Our drama industry must work on this type of content. Then we don’t need to dub the foreign content.