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Famous Muslim Indian Actress Sana Khan quits Showbiz Industry

Muslim Indian Actress Sana

Will we never see Muslim Indian Actress Sana Khan on screen again? Yes, she quits. Here’s the detail. Sana Khan is an Indian actress, dancer and model of age 33 years. She started her career in 2005 from a low budget Hindi film “Yehi Hai High Society”. She struggled hard in the industry.  In 2012, she became a contestant of  a famous TV show Bigg Boss and then she became a finalist. She gained instant  popularity after appearing in Bigg Boss. 

Sana Khan Movies and tv Shows

Sana Khan acted in fourteen films in 5 different languages( Hindi, tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu).

Sana Khan Clinic

Actress Sana Khan is not only an actress and model, but she also owns a skin care line to add to her net worth. She has a clinic with the name of Face spa by Sana. Her skin and hair products have amazing reviews on her website.

Sana khan Instagram Post

Now Indian Actress Sana Khan has decided to quit the Showbiz industry forever. She announced this news on her official Instagram account. Her fans are shocked when they hear this news. This news instantly went viral on social media. She even removed all photos that were without Hijab from her official Instagram account. She has 3.5 million followers on Instagram account. She is now, also one of the famous hijab celebrities on instagram.

On her Official Instagram Account, Sana Khan has posted this picture stating:


Sana Khan shared this news with a long note in Hindi, Urdu and English Languages.

She wrote in her note that; “What is the major purpose of someone coming into this world?” It is just that we continue to gain wealth and fame? Furthermore, she  also wrote that Isn’t  It our duty to spend our life in the service of those who are helpless? Shouldn’t man think that he or she could die at any moment? And what will happen to him or her after he or she dies? So when I searched these Questions in Islam, I got my answers. 

Bigg Boss Actress Sana Khan

Sana Khan felt that it was much better  to follow the Commands of ALLAH Almighty. She declared that from today onwards,  I am going to devote my life to the welfare of humans and just follow the orders of ALLAH Almighty. All brothers and sisters are requested to pray for me to ALLAH to accept my repentance and May Allah grant me the true ability to act according to the orders of my creator. At the end of the note, she wrote that all brothers and sisters are requested to not consult me for any showbiz work. 

Another post reference link from her official twitter account as follows:

Surely ALLAH Almighty Guides whom He wills, no doubt. So as a Muslim, We also appreciate her for her remarkable decision, without giving statements on her past.

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