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What an Amazing Streak of Success – Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh Dramas
Fahad Sheikh is a multi-talented Pakistani actor. Fahad made a name for himself in the acting industry by Dramas like Khudparast, Bandish, Jalan, Dunk and more.

Surrounded with an aura of charm and amiability, Fahad Sheikh is a multi-talented artist of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. His buzzing energy and versatility have already sparked a stir in the domain of television and fashion.

Pakistani Actor Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh’s career took off with massive accomplishments from the very onset. He officially stepped into the industry in 2011 with the most famous and highly esteemed Fashion roadshow, 11 Number on Style 360. The roadshow also established his sound understanding and refined taste in Men’s fashion. Other than his debonair and lean outlook, Fahad Sheikh has won the hearts of Pakistani youth through his zeal for fitness and cultured fashion verdict.

Fahad Sheikh is fervent in his passion for outdoing his former self. He has never failed to amaze us with his diverse skill set. Fahad Sheikh graced the television screen with his fascinating acting skills in 2014. An unstoppable star for sure, Fahad Sheikh stunned the viewers with his phenomenal acting skills in numerous drama serials.

Fahad Sheikh Dramas

His acting career has immensely flourished in a short span of four years. He has shared the screen with other artists like Farhan Saeed, Minal Khan, Areeba Habib, Asim Azhar, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Maria Wasti, Laila Wasti, Sana Javed, Bilal Abbas Khan and Saboor Aly on several projects.

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Fahad Sheikh Dramas

Fahad Sheikh’s acting in Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai paved the way for him to the A League of Pakistani Drama Industry. Soon after Mubarik Ho Beti Hui Hai, Fahad played a contrast in Drama Serial Meraas. Meraas drama is focused on the topic of ‘patrimony’ and its effects on one’s family. While the audience was still applauding for Meraas.

Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Badbakht

Fahad created magic on screen with his next acting project “Badbakht” in which he played the role of a playboy who falls in love with a girl and his whole life takes an about turn. The transition from being an arrogant, proud and rich chap to a selfless, love struck guy was played effortlessly by Fahad Sheikh. His character’s name “Armaan Abid Ali” gained massive love on social media.

What an Amazing Streak of Success - Fahad Sheikh 7 Fahad Sheikh as Arman Abid Ali in Badbakht LOW RES

Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Khudparast

Just after Badbakht, Fahad amazed the drama lovers with another Blockbuster Pakistani Dramas “Khudparast” opposite to “Shehzad Khan” and “Ramsha Khan”. Dramas such as Khudparast are more than just plain boring tales of love, marriages and breakups; they highlight the reality we all exist in. Portraying these issues on the small screen is a great way of spreading awareness and maybe triggering some introspection within those who make a habit of abusive or malicious behavior. Fahad Sheikh’s acting in Khudparast was exceptional.

What an Amazing Streak of Success - Fahad Sheikh 8 Fahad Sheikh Drama Serial Khudparast

Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Bandish

They Say horror and comedy are the two most challenging genres to play with. Fahad has always picked roles that challenge him, scare him, and excite him instead of just remaining in his comfort zone Drama Serial Bandish was one of the most viewed Pakistani Horror Dramas. Fahad Sheikh played the male lead “Hamza” in Drama Serial Bandish and won millions of hearts with his realistic acting, heart stirring looks and phenomenal acting. Fahad being a Fashion Guru, chooses and designs his wardrobe in accordance to the character he is playing and to be honest he seems to be totally nailing it every time he does that.

Fahad Sheikh in Drama Serial Jalan

Fahad Sheikh is seen playing the parallel lead in Drama Serial “Jalan” these days. Fahad’s character in Jalan “Ahmer”, has received immense love and appreciation from the audience. They way he portrays the character of a Love Struck Guy with continuously changing emotions, is simply outstanding. Jalan Episode 11 aired on ARY Digital Yesterday and has already crossed a million views. We are so hooked to Jalan. Excited to see the revelations in the coming episodes.

Drama Serial Dunk

The story doesn’t end here. Fahad Sheikh is on shoot for two more projects that are to be released in the year 2020. First being, Drama Serial Dunk that stars Fahad Sheikh, Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Noman Ijaz and other talented artists. The Drama is directed by the award winning director “Badar Mehmood”.

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Drama Serial Ghamandi

Another Drama serial that Fahad will be leading is Drama Serial Ghamandi. Fahad will be sharing screen with Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir in Drama Serial Ghamandi. The drama is directed by the veteran director Sohail Javed.

Pakistani Actor Fahad Sheikh

Looks like Mr Sheikh is all set to make us fall in love with his hair raising looks and phenomenal acting in the days to come. We wish him good luck for his future endeavors.

Fahad Sheikh on Social Media

You can follow Fahad Sheikh’s journey by connecting to his social media platforms that he updates on regular basis. Fahad is often seen interacting to his fans and loved ones.

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