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Drama Serial Hasad 2019 | Journey from Episode One to Episode Last

Drama Serial Hasad
Drama Serial Hasad

Drama Serial Hasad is a 2019 Pakistani family drama television series which is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi under Big Bang Entertainment. Starring Minal Khan, Arij Fatyma and Noor Hassan. OST “Rabba Mere Haal Da Mehram Tu”. The show airs every Monday evening on ARY Digital.

Drama Serial Hasad Story

Drama Serial Hasad
Pakistani Drama Hasad 2019 on ARY Digital

The story of the drama revolves around two brothers and their wives. The drama is based on jealousy and envy of a woman Zareen “Arij Fatyma” with her sister in law Nain Tara “Minal Khan“.

The jealousy begins with the love and attention Nain Tara gets from her husband Armaan “Shehroz Sabzwari“. Zareen always compares herself with Nain Tara and her husband Farhan “Noor Hassan” with his brother Armaan.

Armaan gets shot dead in the episode 3 of drama serial Hasad while saving his brother Farhan. Nain Tara becomes a pregnant widow who has nowhere else to go so she stays with her in-laws. Zareen keeps blaming Nain Tara for everything and accuses her of having romantic relationship with several men including her own brother Kashee.

The purpose of Zari was to kick Nain Tara out of their house because she couldn’t stand a thought of Tara becoming the center of attention for the family after becoming the mother of Armaan’s child.

Zari even fakes pregnancy but, turns out she could never be a mother according to her medical reports. Farhan knew about her pregnancy drama right from the start but doesn’t reveal until Zari accuses Nain Tara for her fake miscarriage.

Nain Tara was mistreated by the whole family including her mother in law and Farhan could not stand the injustice with innocent Nain Tara. He begins to have sympathy for her and that sympathy becomes the cause of doubt in Zareen’s heart. Eventually, Farhan marries Nain Tara after the birth of her son.

Zareen with her mother and brother continues to conspire against her but, that only made Farhan more inclined towards Nain Tara. There is one more character “Bilal” Nain Tara’s university friend who had feelings for her but, now is her friend who met her after years. He was seen helping her in the last few episodes.

Drama Serial Hasad Second Last Episode

In the second last episode of drama serial Hasad, we saw that Zari tries to prove that Nain Tara has an affair with her friend Bilal. She plans to catch her red handed with Farhan while having a random conversation with Bilal in a restaurant.

Zareen thinks that Tara might lie about being with Bilal because that is what she would have done if it was her. She forces Farhan to call and ask Nain Tara about where she is and when he does, she tells him the truth. Zari’s plan fails terribly again.

She even shows Farhan some of Nain Tara’s cozy pictures with Bilal. Bilal reveals the real pictures to Farhan and tells him that they lied about the photographs while taking Nain Tara to the hospital as she falls into an unconscious state after being accused of dating Bilal.

The doctors tell that Nain Tara is pregnant with Farhan’s child. Zari breaks into pieces and she asks for an apology from Nain Tara and Farhan and promises to never do any evil again. But, its Zareen , so we never know.

Drama Serial Hasad Last Episode

In the trailer of last episode of Drama serial Hasad, we see the flashbacks of how Arman died and how it affected his beloved wife Nain Tara. We also see Zari acting crazy as if she had turned into a psychopath. We see that she plans on killing Nain Tara and even an acid attack but, we are expecting some twists and Surprises from the drama serial Hasad’s last episode.