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Naveen Waqar Talks About Women Getting Blamed for Divorce

Naveen Waqar
Pakistani Actress Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar is a Pakistani actress and model famous for her negative role in the Drama serail “Humsafar” by Momina Duraid . The former Vj and Rj talked about women getting blamed for divorce in a recent interview with Ahsan Khan. Naveen took this all fun and games interview to a next level by talking about social awareness.

Pakistani Actress Naveen Waqar
Pakistani Actress Naveen Waqar

She addressed to an issue that women are always the ones to get blamed for divorce and the common reasons people assume for divorce are always “She wasn’t enough for him”, “she didn’t take care of her husband”, “She couldn’t perform her duties” etc. Men are always encouraged to mistreat women by not addressing that the divorce can be their fault, too!.

Naveen Waqar Interview with Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan Interview with Naveen Waqar

Ashsan Khan joined Naveen Waqar’s team by captioning the interview vidoe on his Instagram with:

No matter what the reason is, women are always at fault for the divorce. Most women will get the blame for divorce while men are off the hook from any accusation or from being the topic of gossip. “You could not take care of your husband well, now look what happened.” “You were not good enough for him and look what happened? He is now taken by another woman!” Women are still marginalized from society because of their status as a divorcée. Their quality as a woman is lowered and she is considered the last option for men. But worse, women are seen as the reason for the marriage breakup. Although our religion has taught us something different, we need to learn how to respect each other,Things need to be changed now 

Ashan Khan