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Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Innocent And All The Allegations Were Bogus

Mohsin Abbas Haider
Mohsin Abbas Haider - 35

Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Innocent And All The Allegations Were Bogus! . Mohsin’s lawyer gave official statement it being proved that Mohsin Abbas Haider is innocent. Our last hearing the judge asked us to submit the complete investigation report, so we submitted that. In those reports the time, place and incident every thing has no timely connections. It was found baseless and bogus.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is Innocent
Mohsin Abbas Haider is Innocent

This s a snapshot from the video, which you can watch at the end of this post. The investigation was planned technically and high profile. SSP and AD IG were monitoring the case themselves and all the statements were recorded. The statements that they recorded were all false. They said that they had even submitted the medical reports but, after our verification, even those medical reports were false.

The medical reports never existed in record of that hospital. Also all locations were traced. The places and time of incident was also traced and everything proved to be absolute absurd and bogus. Even the witness they told were there at the incident, were not there at all.

They couldn’t even bring money trail and witness in the court. They never presented any medical report and prescription to the police. So today, we withdrawn our bail from court.

Mohsin Abbas Haider Is Innocent and Here is What He Said:

“It has proved that all the accusations made on me were bogus, false and baseless. I said to people many times to do research. A crying woman is not truthful always. I will always feel disheartened on this that my fraternity, bloggers, and people said
“You are gone and Your time is up, Snatch Mohsin’s job and hang him to death. “

Mohsin Abbas Haider

He further said that:

This will remain unforgettable for me.
The cutest protest against me was from my fraternity who unfriended me. I was just smiling on their act and distrust. But it is okay, what ever satisfies them, but I will never forget this.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

I was silent because I was fighting my legal war. Today the results are all in front of you. Greatest power belongs to Allah no matter how strong and politically influential you are.
Today I am proven innocent.
Thank you all.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

He wrote a Limerick on his Instagram in urdu in which he decribed his feelings ironically. Check out Mohsin’s Instagram post attached below:

Mohsin Abbas Haider After Bail.
Mohsin abbas found innocent