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Maria B Husband Arrested on sending his Servant Home

Designer Maria B husband arrested on sending coronavirus positive servant home
Maria B husband arrested - allegedly sent coronavirus infected cook home

Around midnight Police raided Fashion designer Maria B house. As a result of this raid Maria B Husband Arrested in Lahore. The police claimed to have an FIR against Maria Butt’s husband Tahir Saeed. Maria B family servant who was sent back home by his husband is believed to be a coronavirus infected patient. Reason for Maria Tahir’s Husband arrest is that he sent his cook (servant) home instead of reporting it.

Maria B Husband arrested (Details)

On March 23rd, 2020 Police raid Fashion Designer Maria Butt’s house in Lahore and arrests her husband, Malik Tahir Saeed. Allegation on Maria.B husband was that he sent a coronavirus infected servant to his house via bus. According to video by Maria B in response to this arrest, police raided at midnight. She said police were rude and called them culprits as if She and her family were biggest drug mafia don in Lahore. Maria B self shot video is on social media while she claims for justice.

Maria B Video Appeal to PM Imran Khan

Maria B Video Appeal to PM Imran Khan

According to Pakistani fashion designer, she and her family is the one who is suffering. All of Pakistani citizens are under the threat of Coronavirus disease. She adds that “we are the ones whose tests could come positive anytime”, we are not culprits and police cannot raid our houses with guns. She questioned “is this the kind of system that we have in Punjab, Pakistan”. Maria butt in tears asked for help and shared the video message as an appeal to the prime minister of Pakistan.

Tahir Saeed is Maria B’s second husband, and a businessman. Upon his arrest in Lahore, Maria B shared the below video message on social media.

Maria B Video appeal to Imran Khan on Husband’s arrest

Final Words Tahir Saeed Arrest & Covid-19

Although, it is a sad incident and police’s rude behavior is not justified. However, we must understand that right now whole Pakistan is under biggest threat of the century COVID-19 Coronavirus. It is our responsibility as a nation to take necessary precautionary measures. Any sort of negligence can result in loss of God knows how many lives.

Pertaining to this Coronavirus situation in Pakistan, everyone is obligated to report any case around them. Furthermore, practice social distancing, and help Government and authorities to keep the situation under control. We are in an emergency situation right now.

Public also condemned Tahir Saeed’s negligence and flooded twitter. Some of them are shared below.

Tahir Saeed Released from police custody (bailed out)

Tahir Saeed, Maria butt’s husband has been released after being in police custody for hours. And the servant was brought back from Vihari to Lahore Meo hospital. Source: THE NEWS PAKISTAN

Geo News also covered the story.