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Who is Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia
This biography is a tribute to Pakistani Novel writer and author of famous publications Haasil Ghaat and Raja Gidh, Bano Qudsia. She passed away on November, 2017, but it still remembered for her contribution to Urdu Literature.

Brief Bano Qudsia Biography

Bano Qudsia was a wife, a mother and a sister. Bano Qudsia’s husband Ashfaq Ahmed is one of the most read Pakistani poets of all times. Bano Qudsia wrote literature in both Urdu and Punjabi languages for both Television and Stage. Qudsia was recognised as the trendsetter in the field of Television plays. Some of her Television Plays gained immense popularity because of their courage, warmth and vitality.

Date of Birth28 November 1928
Date of Death4 February 2017
Place of BirthFirozpur, India
EducationMasters in Urdu Literature (GCU)
OccupationWriter, Spiritualist & Playwright
Notable WorkRaja Gidh (1981)
Classic PlayAadhi Baat
SpouseAshfaq Ahmed
BrotherPervaiz Chattha
ChildrenAseer Ahmed, Anees , Aneeque
FatherBadr-ul-Zaman Chattha
MotherMrs Chattha
Bano Qudsia Biography

Bano Qudsia Books and Novels

Here is a list of all of the Bano Qudsia Novels and books written by her. These are one of the most famous publications by Pakistani writers and authors of all times.

Raja Gidh

Bano’s novel Raja Gidh is considered as a phenomenal and classical novel in the history of Pakistani literature. Raja Gidh not only defines the long term effects of “Rizq e Haram” on our lives but also points out the main reasons behind our dissatisfied and catastrophic life.

Haasil Ghaat

Novel Haasil Ghaat is dedicated to those persons who left their soil to explore greener pastures. This novel centered on the unfulfilled desires of a person who left his native country to live with his daughter’s family in the US.


Novel Amarbail is a collection of short stories written by Bano Qudsia. All stories of Amarbail are totally different from the other. Stories are based on unbalanced relationships, broken families, complexes, sacrifices, insecurities, lust for power etc. “Kitne So Sal” is a short story from this novel that shares the universal and undying characteristics of Human nature.

Mard e Abresham

Mard e Abresham is a complete biography of Qudratullah Sahib. He was the great Bureaucrat, sufi intellectual and writer. Bano beautifully describes the actual life of Qudratullah Sahib.

Rah e Rawan

Rah e Rawan is the most beautiful novel written by Bano Qudsia. She attractively wrote about the lifetime she spent with her husband Ashfaq Ahmed. Rah e Rawan includes all qualities of Ashfaq Ahmed and their beautiful married life. 

Famous Bano Qudsia Quotes

“Iss Duniya mein Sakoon Se Jeene ki aik hi tadbeer hai kay, har insan kay Paas aik Wash-o-Areez Qabristan ho jahan wo logoon ki Ghaltiyoon aur Khamiyoon ko Dafna aaya Kare”

“Logon ko Parakhna chor do, tum nahi jaante koi apne andar kaisi Jangg lar raha hai”

Khuda par Yakeen rakhna, Kabhi Kabhi woh bhi mil jata hai, Jiski koi Aas nahi hoti”

“Har insaan Ke andar do Bhairiye hote hain, aik Achaai ka aik Buraai ka, Ghaalib wohi rehta hai, jise hum khilate pilate hain”

Rishte aur Sheeshe main aik khoobi Saanjhi hai ke yeh andar hi andar apne hi tanaao, apne hi bhojh, apni hi sardi ya garmi se toot jaate hain”

“Shadeed dukh hota hai jab hum kisi par Andha Yakeen karain aur woh Sabit kar de ke hum Wakehi Andhe hain”

Short Stories by Writer Baano Aapa

  • Aatish-e-Zeer Pa
  • Hijratoon ke Darmiyan
  • Dusra Darwaza
  • Baz Gasht
  • Saman-e-Wajood
  • Na Qabil-e-Zikr
  • Tawaja Ki Talib
  • Kuch aur Nahi
  • Dast Basta

Dramas by Writer Bano Qudsia

  • Phir Achanak Youn Hua
  • Chota Shehar Baray Log
  • Lagan Apni Apni
  • Doosra Qadam
  • Suraj Mukhi
  • Piya Naam Ka Diya
  • Hawa Kay Naam
  • Aasay Paasay

Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia

The famous Bano qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed’s love story is very popular among followers of both literary personalities. They met while they were doing Masters in Urdu Literature together in Government College University Lahore. Later they married & made this love story an inspiration for many. Bano’s Signature topic is “Love”, which can be easily seen in her stories.


  • Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) – Government of Pakistan (1983)
  • Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) – Government of Pakistan (2010)
  • Kamal-e-Fun – Pakistan Academy of Letters (2012) 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – GCU’s Old Ravians Union (2016)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Pakistan Life Care Foundation(2016)

Google Doodle Pays tribute to Writer Bano Qudsia

Novemeber 27 Google doodle tribute to Bano Qudsia paksitani writer
Google Doodle Bano Qudsia
Who was Bano Qudsia Pakistani Writer

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