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Short Film Sikka – A tribute to Zara Abid Model

Short film Qissa Tribute to Zara Abid Saba Qamar
Short Film Sikka - A tribute to Zara Abid (Model) who was in a recent plane crash. This film has a very strong message for women in Saba Qamar's voice.

Zara Abid, Pakistani Super Model who recently met an accident (Recent PIA Plane crash). Unfortunately this was Zara’s last and first short film with Qissa Nagri. Pakistani short film Sikka is a strong message for women in Pakistan. It highlight a very important prevalent societal issue. Saba Qamar beautiful narrates the strong message while model Zara Abid wears the character in a very natural way.

Watch Short Film Sikka by Qissa Nagri

About 9 minutes long, Pakistani shot film portrays lives of two different individuals (played by zara), who connect beautifully being women. Both are in different circumstances yet unfulfilled, and who is to blame?. Film answers the question beautifully.

About Zara Abid

Pakistani fashion model Zara Abid, born on April 4, 1992 in Lahore, passed away in an unfortunate plane crash on May 22, 2020. At an age of 28, she has already achieved a lot of success in her carrier. She modeled for all Top Women wear Fashion brands in Pakistan. Instead of Brand names, people looked them up as Zara Abid dresses, because of the way she pulled off each look. Zara, was not only “good looks”, but a very elegant and an amazing person in real life.

Details about Sikka – A tribute to Zara Abid

Main Characer : Zara Abid

Voiceover : Saba Qamar Zaman

Writer and Director : Ahmed Sarym

Art Direction : Umama Shahab

Editing and Cinematography : Hamza Hussain

Music : Abdul Haseeb tayyab, Humaz Hussain and Raheimeen Sherafgan

Makeup and Hairstylist : Zahra Adnan

Short film Sikka by Ahmed Sarym beautifully portrays two women, who apparently live different lives but, connect as women (the problems they face are the same. This societal issue is often highlighted but always in a subtle murmur. Women, the biggest contributor in our society always end up unfulfilled.

Rebels who resist are shutdown and the ones who comply look happier on the outside but both have the same story on the inside. Ironic, but this is the truth of our society.

Saba Qamar’s voice (from the script) highlights a woman’s strength , which is underestimated and misunderstood. Women allow this society to put them in such a situation by accepting what is around them. As she narrates, all these tales are written because we(women) accepted the circumstances and did not stand up for changing whats around us. These problems are caused by women themselves. If they wish, they are strong enough to take charge of their lives.

The film encourages women to unite and connect with each other. and focus on putting yourself first.


Saba Qamar Tweet on Zara Abid Model Death

Short Film Sikka - A tribute to Zara Abid