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Latest and Amazing Pakistani Film Superstar Rating and Review 2019

Pakistani film superstar rating
Superstar movie 2019
Pakistani Film Superstar soon be shattering the box office with its amazing screenplay and wonderful performance by our Pakistani actors.

Pakistani film Superstar Rating

Pakistani film Superstar Rating– Well, the trailer of the movie didn’t impress me much. Expectations were low right from the start. However, I was really surprised by the amazing screenplay and everyone’s opinion in the cinema. The movie made everyone laugh, cry and even go AWWW a lot of times. But, everyone left the cinema with a huge smile.

Cinematography 8/10
Overall 8/10

Pakistani Film Superstar in a Nutshell

Pakistani film Superstar Rating
Pakistani Movie Superstar

Mahira Khan had promised Azaan Sami Khan to do the film nearly 7 years ago. She kept her promise but, the film is about a promise not kept.

The film Superstar is about a young struggling actress and a theater artist who dreams of becoming a superstar. Noori (Mahira Khan) is a daughter of a retired director from the film industry “Saleem Malik” (Nadeem Baig) in the 70’s. He retires from the industry because of lousy scrips and pure commercialism.

He directs theater plays and reminisce about his time. Noori (Mahira Khan) falls in love with Sameer Khan (Bilal Ashraf) who is son of a Superstar Javed Shaikh.

The film has an interesting journey of these two meeting in a toilet cleaner ad which is absolutely hilarious. They do not take much time to fall in love with each other. The film has many plots and sub plots.

The main conflict appears right before the interval which seems to be the films biggest fault. The conflict does not fit anywhere and came out of nowhere that you almost lose the sense and rhythm of the beautiful movie.

The movie includes a mix of emotions as well as events, from love, hate, failure, success, tragedy to death. In spite of all of that, Azaan Sami Khan’s script saves the film.

Subtle nods to the older film industry, very well written dialogues, charming details, an overall inventiveness of the script despite of it being composed of the elements we’ve seen a hundred times before.

Superstar 2019 Final Opinion

Pakistani Film Superstar Rating and review- Wonderful screenplay, cinematography and direction embellished with wonderful Mahira Khan’s acting is definitely worth the time.

However, Bilal Ashraf’s unimpressive acting and the whole cluster of plots and sub plots can make you doubt the power of the film. But, “Superstar” is a hit movie through and through.

It may not become the best film produced by Pakistani film industry. But the film certainly has a big element to melt the hearts of Pakistani audience and probably shatter some box office expectations too.