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New Turkish Dramas 2020-2021

New turkish dramas

Turkish dramas are the only dramas that got a lot of appreciation in Pakistan after Pakistani dramas. People watch Pakistani dramas on repeat and finish the whole drama series overnight. But now it’s a trend in Pakistan Turkish drama fans watch all new Turkish dramas on repeat. The Internet allows us to experience something new, something that does not follow a similar culture, theme, and location.

Many Turkish dramas in Urdu aired on Pakistani TV channels like Geo Kahani, Urdu 1, Filmazia, etc. Turkish dramas earned fame in Pakistan just because of their good quality, impressive storylines, attractive locations and themes, pure and simple culture, beautiful heroes and heroines. All these features give the Turkish drama serials fame over the Pakistani drama serials.

New Turkish Dramas 2020 – 2021

So here are the top 07 new Turkish dramas 2020-2021 that are worth watching.

Word of honor ( Şeref Sözü)

This is the story of a rich man, Yaman Celebi, who will keep his word of honor once given to his savior. Yaman Celebi destiny will be joined with the charming Isra in a complex and passionate love story. Tolgahan Sayışman and Öykü Çelik take the lead roles in this series.

Childhood (Çocukluk) Turkish Drama

The drama series Çocukluk aka Childhood is the story of a girl whose mother was imprisoned. Once in the shelter, she finds some friends who will help her decrease the bitterness of losing a special relationship and find a second family. Among the actors of the drama series are names such as Erdal, Beren, Kübra Süzgün, and Burcu.

Turkish Drama Heart Mountain (Gönül Dağı)

It is an indisputable fact that the series, which is produced by Köprü Film will be one of the ambitious productions of the 2020 – 2021 season. The heart mountain series tells the story of three cousins who are trying to achieve the impossible. Despite all obstacles by pursuing their dreams in the steppe, Berk Altan and Gülsüm Ali take the lead roles in this series.

Turkish Drama Flame (Alev Alev)

Alev Alev aka Flame drama series is preparing to mark the new season with its strong cast and impressive script. The story of the drama series flame revolves around three women, whose destiny will be joined by fire. Cemre, who is trying to escape from her oppressor husband. Ruya, who will face the difficulties and harsh truths of life. Çiçek, who will lose her beauty and herself.

New Turkish Drama Atonement (Kefaret)

The atonement series, which is preparing to broadcast soon will bring the events of Zeybek and Superintendent Sinan, who work as a music teacher at a private school, and the story of a family who is living happily but after one event their life changes forever.

Turkish Drama Raider (Akinci)

The story of the drama series Raider revolves around a modern hero named Fatih who defends Istanbul. His struggle dates back to Ottoman history. During his journey, he meets not only enemies but also his love.

My Left Side (Sol Yanim)

Sol Yanim aka My Left Side is a passionate love story amid social inequality. The drama series Sol Yanim story revolves around a mother and her young daughter. They are trying to get used to their new life in an ordinary neighborhood after falling from grace. Sol Yanim brings a gripping story to the screen full of secrets and intrigues. The actors and storyline of the series attract great attention from the audience. 

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