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Nazish Jahangir Response On Marrying Mohsin Abbas Haider- 29 Aug 19

Nazish Jahangir Moshin Abbas Haider
Nazish Jahangir & Moshin Abbas Haider

Nazish Jahangir has finally responded to the rumors that were spread after a comment that she made on Instagram. In the comment she replied to a fan post of a collage of her photo next to Mohsin Abbas Haider’s. She said that the two will be couples soon. Mohsin even liked the comment. The news went viral all over the internet. People considered it as an indication of Nazish Jahangir marrying Moshin Abbas Haider.

Model Nazish Jahangir
Pakistani Actress and Model Nazish Jahangir

But on August 29, she posted an Instagram story. the story seemed to be pointing out the rumors that were spread a couple days ago. She mentioned that bloggers only care for money and not people’s reputation or personal life. She even tagged some of the famous Pakistani magazines and blogs. See the full story in the attachment.

Nazish Khan Instagram Story
Nazish Khan Instagram Story

It is quite easy to buy bloggers now a days to defame a person. She told all the bloggers to stop spreading fake news. Nazish Jahangir seems extremely angry and offended on this speculated story. Showing rage can be justified is this news is actually a rumor.