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Pakistani Dramas

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 | Heart-melting episode

Mere paas tum ho ARY Digital
Mere paas tum ho episode 16

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 is going to melt our hearts. The drama is turning the tables on Mehwish. We saw in Mere paas tum ho episode 15 how Danish slaps Shawar. He is picking up his pieces and is slowly learning to accept and move on. Danish is finding happiness around his son. Rumi on the other side is also very happy to see his father becoming braver than before.

Mere Paas Tum Ho ARY Digital

ARY Digital has literally produced a Masterpiece. We are loving all the characters of the drama. Hating the character of Mehwish shows how amazing Ayeza Khan‘s acting is which is the same for every character including Danish (Humayun Saeed), Shawar (Adnan Siddiqui), Hania (Hira Mani) and Rumi.

What Will Happen in Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 ?

As the previous episode ( Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 15) showed us the sudden change in Danish’s personality which began with a tight slap on Shawar’s face in front of his employees. We will see many more changes in his later life in the episode 16 of mere paas tum ho. Danish will live happily with Rumi. Rumi will put love in the heart of Hania and Danish for eachother. Innocent Rumi looks really happy around his teacher Hania and feels complete with her and danish again. On the other hand, Mehwish is the one losing everything. Her family, her son, and even Shawar will be gone soon, as we heard Shawar saying in the Mere paas tum ho promo.

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 Promo

Mere paas tum ho promo showed us interesting scenes like Rumi joining Hania and Danish. It is expected that soon they will make a family together. A happy one. Hania is already attached to Danish because of her father which will make it easier for her to connect with Danish. Let’s see the promo

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 16 Teaser

Teaser of mere paas tum ho episode 16 on youtube is already out. Here is the video of the teaser.

Episode 16 Mere Paas Tum Ho YouTube

Episode 16 of mere paas tum ho on YouTube will be uploaded on 30th November 2019. We are all very excited to see what happens next. Stay with us and read what we interpret.

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