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Flaws In Danish That Are NOT Being Discussed | Mere Paas Tum Ho ARY Digital

Danis mere paas tum ho
Flaws In Danish That Are NOT Being Discussed | Mere Paas Tum Ho ARY Digital 1 mere pass tum ho 1

Mere Paas Tum Ho is a Pakistani drama that is written by Khalil ur Rehman and aired on ARY Digital. Leading roles of this drama include Humayun Saeed (as Danish), Ayeza Khan (as Mehwish) and Adnan Siddiqui (as Shawar). The drama is being watched in almost every house of Pakistan and almost everyone sympathizes Danish. But we are going to discuss a whole new thing in this article.

Mere Paas Tum Ho Danish – Flaws no one Highlights

mere paas tum ho ary digital

We have seen and heard everyone hating Mehwish and Shawar in Mere Paas Tum Ho. But, all the love goes to Danish. A “greedy” wife who wants to live a luxurious life stuck with a “loving” and “caring” husband in a “small apartment” “FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE”.

Like every other situation in Pakistan, women are easier to blame. We all wish for a better life no matter how good it already is. It is natural for us to crave for something that we don’t have. Demanding for a life in which they can go to a burger joint and buy the burger they like instead of the “sabse sasta burger” shouldn’t be viewed as wrong.


1: Danish is not willing to make it better for them

We have seen that Danish has a routine that seems permanent. His attitude and personality clearly shows how he has no interest in becoming better. He has a job from 9 to 4 and 2 holidays a week. The rest of the time could be utilized anywhere.

He could make some extra money but, he chooses to sleep, making omelettes or writing with an upside down pen.

Humayun saeed mere paas tum ho

Taking bribes was not the only source of extra earning. Mehwish was completely hopeless and started believing that He will never even try to make it better for them because he is happy and has settled for less. His cheesy lines are clearly not enough for living as he can not even pay his son’s school fee.

mere paas tum ho episode 3

2: Danish is insecure

This man needs to grow some beard

grow some balls

Everything he does clearly shows that he is overly possessive and insecure. He gets jealous and mad very easily over small issues. Danish gets into fights very easily over petty issues that could have been avoided. Why would he go to the wedding with a huge bruise? To stalk his wife.

3: Danish refuses to empower Mehwish

Not only has he made an educated and beautiful woman like Mehwish a typical middle class housewife but also made her lose confidence. He could simply empower her by sending her out to work and by letting her interact with the world outside instead of feeling jealous and insecure. When Mehwish finally asks him about working, he had a perfect answer to that.

ayeza khan in mere paas tum ho

His passive aggressive behavior is neglected by everyone. How discouraging his gestures and small sentences are.

danish mere paas tum ho
humayun saeed in mere paas tum ho

4: He is a typical man

In mere paas tum ho episode 3, we saw how ridiculous Danish’s behavior was. He was the one who took her to the dance floor and started dancing recklessly with Anoushay. When He was there to dance with his wife. And when another man did the same with his wife, He did what he should have.

episode 3 mere paas tum ho

And to make up for that, He chose the worst strategy.

5: Does not have self respect

Before I get to the next point, I would start with buying a necklace with “HARAAM KA MAAL”. I know you care for her wishes, but going against your own set of rules and beyond the border of “right” is just “not right”.

A person who thinks he respects himself and the desires of his wife would work twice as hard to fulfill them instead of choosing this easy, cheap way. Next, I would personally refuse to go to Shawar’s place after all that happened. The other reason for not going would be, I won’t eat at his place if I myself can not afford a dinner back for him.

episode 5 mere paas tum

The Shawar thing would have been over right after the wedding. And if Shawar had approached Mehwish after that, then we could blame him. Danish went to his place with his wife and son, FOR NOTHING! And became the medium of their further interaction foolishly. Which shows Danish is a foolish man above everything else. Accepting the necklace Shawar got for his wife, another thing. In mere paas tum ho episode 15, Danish gathers courage and acts like a man. Which he should have long time ago.

6: He is mentally sick.

He took his wife to dinner, accepted the presents and then came back with a big speech to insult and torture Mehwish. And whenever she gets real and asks or wishes for something, he brings “mere paas tum ho” in return which is clearly not enough for her, and for any normal person.

mere paas tum ho scenes

Let us know what you think?

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  • I read the article and I absolutely agree with the writer. Since the first episode, I hated Danish and his personality, which was negative, small and foolish. He became an important man, a good looking and polished man later in life which showed he had the potential but he was simply being stubborn and wanted his wife to “just love him” whatever the case which was clearly showed he was had an inflated ego.

  • Complete nonsense flaws you have mentioned in Danish .It seems to me you are a toxic woman yourself You are sick and need help

  • I wonder how can you fake feminists lie so much for a drama just because your egos are hurt they have shown a woman as bad ? Women are bad too lady. Till how long you will keep denying this fact ? Most of things you have written in this article to blame Danish are false and the images with dialogues that you have posted are out of context to mislead people. Danish is shown to be working hard to fulfill the needs of his family so your point he is lazy, keeps sleeping in spare time and is not willing to do better for his family is loads of rubbish and completely false. The holiday he got he spend that time with his family. I bet if he would not be doing so then you would be justifying Mehwish’s adultery by saying her husband didn’t give her time and was more focused in making money than giving time to his wife . But now when he is shown to be balancing time between work and family again you are justifying Mehwish’s adultery by saying he didn’t make more money in the spare time he got. ????Who is mentally sick actually ?
    Danish is shown to be an ideal husband. He loved his wife selflessly and truly but Mehwish is shown to be a selfish and greedy woman who chose material wealth over true love and later regretted this decision because Shahwar gave her material wealth for sometime but not true love and respect which Danish gave her. Material wealth is not above the wealth of true love . When Mehwish was with Danish she herself never desired to do a job then how are you blaming Danish for it? When she was his wife he fulfilled her every wish then why wouldn’t he fulfill her wish if she really wanted to do a job ? She only desired to do a job when Shahwar offered her a job for a huge amount more than she deserved and Danish objected her doing Shahwar’s job because he had correctly judged Shahwar’s intentions but he allowed Mehwish when she was insistent and assured Danish she is not interested in Shahwar .Danish trusted her but she broke his trust. Komal you have put the dialogues out of context to mislead people as if people haven’t watched the serial .You are calling Danish jealous and insecure and mentally sick ????I ask you which husband or wife will enjoy his / her spouse getting intimate with someone else in front of his / her eyes ? Would you like it if your husband flirts with some other woman in front of your eyes , dances intimately with her in front of your eyes , meets that woman lying to you and lying to you goes to another city with that woman? I am sure you will not like it then why the hell you are calling Danish toxic because he didn’t like his wife lying to him for Shahwar and getting intimate with Shahwar in front of his eyes? . Your point Danish himself was dancing with Anoushay but felt bad at Mehwish dancing with Shahwar .Mehwish knew very well Danish treated Anoushay like a sister but did Mehwish too saw Shahwar like a brother ? Danish clearly told Mehwish you know very well I see Anoushay like a sister but Mehwish didn’t tell him I also see Shahwar like an elder brother but no she didn’t see him like a brother She enjoyed his lustful stares and even slept with him while married to Danish .Another thing which you have falsely written to blame Danish is he was aggressive in nature and would get into fights for Petty reasons . May I know which Petty reasons are you talking about? He would only fight with those men who would talk cheaply about his wife and trying to force themselves on her, touch her inappropriately in front of him . He was protective about the dignity of his wife . If you wanted him to enjoy men objectifying his wife and talk cheaply about her , trying to flirt with her and touching her inappropriately front of him then I pity your sick mentality. Danish going to Shahwar house on his invitation and accepting his gifts What was wrong in that ? He doubted Shahwar but he also trusted his wife the trust she murdered later.
    Let me tell you something about Feminism Komal.Feminism means equality not falsely blaming innocent men for the misdeeds of women .You are exactly what those bad cheat men do with their innocent victim wives to justify their adultery .They falsely blame the wife she was bad she toxic The same you are doing here with innocent male character who is just a pure character. You are falsely blaming Danish to justify Mehwish ????