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Exclusive Interview with Iqra Aziz Look alike the Beautiful Nour

Exclusive Interview with Iqra Aziz Look alike the Beautiful Nour 1 iqra aziz look alike nour from lebanon exclusive interview
Celebrity Doppelganger of Iqra Aziz (Nour) sends exclusive video for Pakistani fans. Nour and Iqra aziz look exactly the same, and Nour Loves it. Watch video

Nour and Iqra Aziz have huge resemblance. They literally look like twin sisters. Lebanese Architect Nour is being called Iqra Aziz doppelganger in real life. And the best part is, celebrity Lookalike ‘Nour’, is loving it. Not only that, she also made an exclusive video for Pakistani fans.


Iqra Aziz Doppelganger Video for Pakistani fans

Nour from Lebanon, answers all of the questions from Pakistani fans of Iqra Aziz, who are still confused over her resemblance with our favorite Suno Chanda actress. Recent tweets chanting “Iqra looks like Nour” made her really popular in Pakistan. In response to all the love Iqra’s lookalike makes a fun video.

Iqra Aziz Doppelganger

Interview of Iqra Aziz Look alike

Lebanese Doppelganger of Iqra Aziz in an exclusive interview says she actually adore iqra and thinks “she is gorgeous”.

Exclusive Interview with Iqra Aziz Look alike
Exclusive Interview with Iqra Aziz Look alike

Who is Nour?

Nour is an architect from Beirut, Lebanon famous for her uncanny resemblance with Pakistani actress iqra Aziz. Iqra’s Doppelganger Nour even got Sidra Aziz confused for a moment. Let us know more about Noor. Fans on twitter are going crazy for Iqra’s internet twin.

Nour Ram vs Iqra Aziz

Date of Birth:August 21, 1994
Lives in:Beirut , Lebanon
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Height:160 cm
Hobbies:Art and Music
Iqra Aziz Doppelganger Nour
Name:Iqra Aziz
Date of Birth:November 24, 1997
Lives in:Karachi
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Height:145 cm
Spouse:Yasir Hussain
Profession:Pakistani Actress
Hobbies:Music and Travel
Iqra Aziz Personal information