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How to Become a Model

How to become a model
Here's a detailed guide on How to Become a Model in Pakistan. Starting from the baby steps to connecting to modeling agencies, here's everything you need to know!

Do you have what it takes to become a model in Pakistan? Let’s discuss the good and bad things about modeling career and the struggle to become a successful fashion model.

List of Steps to Start a Modeling Career

  1. Start with Creating your Modeling Portfolio.
    – Hire a good photographer / Portfolio Agency
    – Hire a Stylist & Wardrobe expert.
  2. Practice posing and Get comfortable with the camera.
    – Find out references on the internet.
    – Try practicing and creating your own poses.
  3. Search for Legitimate Modeling Agencies.
    – Check out their past projects & associations.
    – Ask around from people who are already in the field.
  4. Be Professional and Commit to Work.
    – Modeling is not an easy task, requires commitment & Hardwork.
    – Maintain a healthy gym routine, sleep cycle must be good.
  5. Be available and reachable on Social Media.
    – Respond to every query on social media.
    – Reply your fans and connect with people who like you.
  6. Follow popular Models in Pakistani Industry.
    – Experienced and Popular Models are a great source of inspiration.
  7. Improve and Learn everyday till perfection.
    – Keep an eye on latest trends, styling guides and keep improving.
    – Adapt what best suites you, not every style is for you.
  8. Get noticed or connect with a digital PR agency.
    – Maintain an active social media account to get noticed.
    – Daily Posting on social media can help you get noticed.
How to Become a male Model in Pakistan
become a model in pakistan
become a model in pakistan
How to Become a female Model in Pakistan

Requirements to Become a Model

Good looks and physique are the signs that you can be a model. Just like other countries it is not very easy to become a model in Pakistan. However if you want to become a successful model, you need to have more than just a pretty face. Here’s what you need to see if you are a right fit.

Ideal Model Face and Looks

How to become a Model in Pakistan

Fitting the model face requirements is for sure an entry ticket for your modeling career. Besides even skin tone, clean white teeth, healthy skin you need to be in a good general health. If you are a face model, then you should have a symmetrical face with a good structure. For Male models, chiseled jawline is now an industry standard.

Model Size and Body Measurements

male model requirements in Pakistan

Ideally, you need to be in a good shape and figure. However, In Today’s fashion industry there is no set rule for Body type for modelling. There are Petite model requirements and then there are plus size clothing models. However, the amount of opportunity in your modeling career may vary based upon your body measurements. This is what an Ideal body for modeling looks like for male and struggling female models.

how to become a fashion model


  • chest : 39 to 40 inches
  • waist : 29 to 32 inches
  • hips: 34.5 to 35.5 inches


  • bust : 32 to 36 inches
  • waist : 22 to 26 inches
  • hips : 33 to 35 inches

Height for Modeling

Normally, a commercial advertising model is expected to be taller than catalogue or a ramp models for that matter. Being tall helps in modeling, unlike Short Pakistani Actors male, who somehow can get away with it in drama industry.

Female Model

As per Pakistani standards, an ideal height for a female model should be between 5″ 6′ to 6 feet.

Male Model

Generally, an ideal height for male models in Pakistan is from 5″ 10′ to 6″ 3′.

Model look pakistan

Ideal Age to become a model

The sooner the better. Well, depending upon the modeling gigs that you are looking for this may vary. Today’s diverse modeling industry needs fresh teenage models to elderly male and female models. Then there are child models required for kids clothing brands. However the ideal age to become a model in Pakistan is 17 and above.

Top Modeling Agencies in Pakistan

Here are some top Modeling Agencies in Pakistan that will help you become a model in Pakistan: