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Haider Faces Safeer’s Rage in Dunk’s Upcoming Episode!

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Fahad Sheikh and Bilal Abbas Khan are known for their phenomenal acting in numerous drama serials. Bilal’s acting in Drama Serial Cheekh whereas Fahad’s acting in Drama Serial Jalan is commendable. They both have won the hearts of viewers in separate projects but this time Director Badar Mehmood brought them together in a single project that we call “DUNK”

Drama Serial Dunk Ary Digital

ARY Digital’s Dunk has been a center of attention for quite a while now. Every other Wednesday, the hashtag #DUNK is seen trending on twitter. Initially the drama serial rose to fame due to its controversial topic i.e, false rape accusation. The drama is filled with brilliant actors like Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Jawed, Fahad Sheikh, the legendary Nauman Ejaz and Laila Wasti. Dunk has everyone hooked to their screens due to its star studded cast and interesting storyline.  

If we do a quick recap of the drama serial, it started from the false harassment accusation made by Amal (Sana Jawed) on professor Humayun (Nauman Jawed). Amal’s fiancé Haider (Bilal Abbas Khan) stood up for her and confronted Professor Humayun with Force. Professor Humayun couldn’t bear the embarrassment and commits suicide. In the meanwhile Hyder comes to know that Amal’s accusation had no truth in it and that he wrongly confronted Prof Humayun and made him commit suicide. This fills Haider with severe guilt and regret. This lie hurts him so bad that he refuses to marry Amal. This sparks a clash between the two families (Amal and Haider’s family) who are infact blood relatives. In the meanwhile, Haider’s father tries to repair his relationship with his younger brother (Amal’s Father) by offering him his elder son Safeer’s (Fahad Sheikh) hand in marriage for Amal.

Fahad Sheikh Drama Serial Dunk

Haider’s elder brother Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) is seen as an obedient and mature guy in the drama serial. Totally opposite to what we’ve seen in drama serial Jalan. Just as expected, Safeer accepts Amal as his wife to fix the relationship between the two families. Safeer’s (Fahad Sheikh) character is of a life saver in the drama serial, whether it’s his parents or his brother. Just the right elder brother you can ask for. Although he accepted Amal as his wife for the sake of two families but in fact it’s Amal who is causing all the fuss. But like everybody else Safeer (Fahad Sheikh) is also unaware of the reality. Safeer and Amal gets married, the relationship between the two families also seems to be repairing.

On the other hand, Haider gets married to Minal (Azekah Daniel) who used to be a close friend of haider at the university. One thing that keeps bothering Haider is the guilt of being the reason of Professor Humayun’s Suicide. Every time he visits Prof Humayun’s widow he’s shattered into pieces and his regret gets even stronger. Haider somehow succeeds in reopening the case in the university in order to get justice for Professor Humayun and get away with his guilt.

As soon as Amal gets to know that the case is being reopened, she comes up with yet another false accusation to hide the truth from being revealed. But this time it’s not an outsider, this time it’s Haider (her ex fiancé) who lives in the same house as Amal. Not to forget, Amal’s husband is none other than Haider’s elder brother Safeer (Fahad Sheikh). This accusation ignites hate and rage between the two brothers and an exchange of harsh words and actions is seen in the last promo of the upcoming episode. Will it tear apart the relationship of the brothers? Will it raise questions on Amal’s truthfulness? Is this the beginning of another dark time period for the family? Just like you, our curiosity is increasing with every passing day.

What Dunk has in store for us can only be known once the new episode airs, however the audience is glued to their screens in the wait for it.