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Fahad Sheikh’s phenomenal acting in Dunk ARY Digital

Fahad Sheikh in Dunk Ary Digital

Fahad Sheikh has blown us away with his phenomenal acting in the recent episode of drama serial DUNK ARY Digital. The way he portrays helplessness and anger at the same time, is just phenomenal! Dunk ARY Digital has been under fire on twitter for a while due to its sensitive topic but as the story unfolded audience fell in love with the brilliant storytelling and the tremendous acting by Fahad Sheikh, Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Jawed and other talented cast members.

Dunk ARY Digital

Dunk Ary Digital Episode 28

In Dunk’s recent episode, some major events took place. If you’re following the drama you must already know that Haider had filed a case on amal in order to uncover her evil face in front of his family. It led to spark a fight between father and a son, between two brothers and between a husband and a wife. Safeer realized the situation and went to see Haider and asked him to take back his case to save the family from a bigger damage. Haider accepted his request on a condition that he will test his honor.

Dunk ARY Digital

Haider plants a ploy and smartly gets the truth out of Amal’s mouth while Safeer overhears them. This truth shatters Safeer into pieces, Fahad Sheikh’s powerful expressions made us feel his pain. Knowing that the person you’re counting on was lying to you the whole time, shakes you like anything. Safeer goes into a state of shock while Haider consoles him and tells him to stay strong. We anxiously await the next move of Safeer as after knowing the truth he is in a much difficult spot than before.

Dunk ARY Digital Fahad Sheikh

Fahad can be seen in 4 distinctive drama serials presently, to be specific, DUNK Ary Digital, Jalan (re-run) where he is seen playing the male lead. Fahad’s character in Jalan “Ahmer”, has gotten huge love and appreciation from the crowd. The way he depicts the personality of a Love Struck Guy with consistently evolving feelings, is basically extraordinary. Then there’s Ghamandi on Express TV, where Fahad was seen in intense and emotional scenes, he played the role of a bipolar guy and we totally felt it. The third one is Azmaish on ARY Digital, where he is seen starring with Yashma Gill and Kinza, the story is quite intriguing and in just 16 episodes of azmaish, audience is in love with Basit (Fahad Sheikh).

Fahad Sheikh in Dunk ARY Digital

Overall, we are loving Fahad Sheikh’c character in Dunk ARY Digital, Azmaish and Jalan ofcourse. This talented young man, Fahad Sheikh is full of an aura with complete charm and amiability, Fahad Sheikh is a multi gifted artist of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Fahad Sheikh’s profession took off with enormous achievements from the very beginning. He formally ventured into the business in 2011 with the most well-known and profoundly regarded Fashion roadshow, 11 Number on the TV channel Style 360. The roadshow additionally settled his sound understanding and refined desire and taste in men’s style. Other than his suave and lean outlook, Fahad Sheikh has won the hearts of Pakistani youth through his zeal and zest for fitness and cultured fashion verdict.

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