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Drama Serial Jalan Gains Public Support! Here’s Why!

Drama Serial Jalan gains public support
Drama Serial Jalan featuring Fahad Sheikh, Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani and Areeba Habib has gained public support over time. Here's why!

Latest Pakistani Drama serial Jalan that started on airing at ARY Digital a while back is starting to get public support as the story moves forward. The drama serial has so far registered two couples, first being Ahmer and Nisha played by Fahad Sheikh and Minal Khan respectively and second being Asfand and Misha played by Emad Irfani and Areeba Habib.

Two episodes of Drama Serial Jalan have been on aired on ARY Digital. The first episode portrayed the lovey-dovey scenes of Fahad Sheikh and Minal Khan. It is evident from the scenes that Ahmer (Fahad Sheikh) is deeply in love with his fiance Nisha (Minal Khan). On the other hand Asfand (Emmad) falls in love with Misha (Areeba Habib) and wishes to marry her.

Ahmer is a settled guy with a handsome salary of 2 lac and his looks are a heart stirrer for sure. Asfand on the other hand is also a filthy rich guy and has an extremely elite lifestyle.

As soon as Nisha hears about her elder sister getting married to a filthy rich guy, she gets jealous and greed fills her mind with evil thoughts. Money and riches are all what she thinks about. Greed and Hate blinds her to such an extent that she starts thinking less of Ahmer (Fahad Sheikh) and starts comparing his fiance with Asfand.

Drama Serial Jalan Finally Gains Public Support

Misha (Areeba Habib) gets married to Asfand and Nisha somehow digests that for a while but her intentions are still evil. She starts noticing the wealth of Asfand and start idealizing him. In the second episode, Nisha tells Ahmer that she can not marry him because she thinks he cannot provide her with a lavish lifestyle as Asfand. This hurts Ahmer badly.

Fahad Sheikh Drama Serial Jalan

Drama Serial Jalan Finally Gains Public Support!

Overall, the drama serial Jalan is an eye candy as it has high production value and has a mature cast. All the actors have justified their roles and are being loved by the viewers. However the integral part of the drama Ahmer (Fahad Sheikh) has been a major reason of massive public support for the drama .

Drama Serial Jalan Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh’s phenomenal acting makes you experience the pain that the character is in fact going through. People have started sympathizing him like anything as Ahmer happens to be a very positive character. Who doesn’t love a self made man who is caring and loving towards his relations.

Ahmer in Drama Serial Jalan is what every girl wishes for!

Ahmer in Jalan played by Fahad Sheikh, is a perfect example of endearment and love. He’s got all the traits a girl can ever wish for to be present in her life partner. He is caring, educated, he is loving, he is charming, he cracks jokes and has a high level of patience. Fahad Sheikh’s heart stirring looks are making us fall in love with his character even more. I mean, how can Nisha hurt someone as good looking as Ahmer. Haha! Not to forget he is sincere and loves his fiance unconditionally.

Drama Serial Jalan Ahmer

Drama serial Jalan on airs on ARY Digital every Wednesday 8 pm. We just can’t wait to see this block buster drama serials back on our TV screens. We at showbizfashion.pk are super excited for Drama Serial Jalan Episode 3. Let’s see what the drama has for us in the bucket. Though our hope are really high keeping in view the talented cast of the drama.

Jalan Episode 3

Jalan Episode 3 teaser has been published on ARY Digital. Looks like we are going to witness some phenomenal acting by all the cast members in the coming episode.

If you still haven’t watched Jalan Episode 1 and Episode 2, here are the links,