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Pakistani Dramas

All You Need to Know About Drama Serial Fitrat

Drama Serial Fitrat Pakistani drama
Fitrat, Pakistani drama by Geo Entertainment is a worth watching story with amazing actors. Fitrat drama cast includes many good actors from the industry. Know more about fitrat episodes in this blog post.

Pakistani Drama Industry has grown a lot over the past few years. Numerous production houses produce quality dramas to entertain the audience. Now Pakistan’s best Production house “7th Sky Entertainment” brings another amazing drama serial “Fitrat” for the viewers. Fitrat, Pakistani Drama is a good story with an even better actor cast. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Drama Serial Fitrat by Geo Entertainment.

Why watch Drama Serial Fitrat?

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Drama Serial Fitrat by Geo Entertainment.

  • Addictive & crazy storyline with a touch of suspense 
  • Beautifully Delivered and evil nature of human is shown in drama serial fitrat (All characters are giving their best especially Saboor Aly)
  • Over dramatic but close to human nature and activities
  • Clear reflection of today’s materialistic Society
  • Showing great lessons of evil and good deeds.

So in this blog post we grab all aspects of the drama serial. And why this drama is gaining popularity and viewership in just a short span as compared to other drama serials. So here we start :



  • Asad Jabal


  • Nuzhat Saman


  • Abdullah Kadwani
  • Asad Qureshi

Production By

Started on

  • 2nd oct

No. of Episodes (Till Now)

  • 15 Episodes

Aired on

  • Geo TV


  • Monday – Friday


  • 9PM


Story of the drama serial “Fitrat” revolves around the character Fariya (Saboor Aly), who belongs to a middle class family. She wants to achieve her wishes & dreams through short cuts. That’s why she doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, she just wants to fulfill her desires. Fariya & her mother Sadia happen to have the same nature.

On the other hand, her siblings Rafiya & Haris believe in purity, simplicity, loyalty & hard work. They both are opposite personalities as compared to their sister & mother.

Fariya first attracts Shahbaz to fulfill her desires and then they both secretly get married. Fariya lives in Islamabad whereas Shahbaz lives in Karachi after their marriage. Then Shahbaz’s friends expose Fariya’s affair with a politician who is thrice her age. Shahbaz sees them in the bedroom where Fariya was entertaining Rashid. So Shahbaz sends divorce papers to fariya & leaves Islamabad. 

On the other side Fariya’s mother Sadia also gets married to her love of life Khalid. Whereas Shahbaz ends up marrying another girl on the wish of his parents. Is your head twisting already? Wait up. There’s more twist ahead.

Fariya’s accidently meets Shahbaz’s younger brother Arbaz, & when she sees that Arbaz belongs to a rich family then she decides to trap him. Rafiya is also secretly in love with Arbaz. Lol another Twist!

Later the whole story is shifted to another phase where arbaz wants to marry her and then she plots many evil plans just to hide her from Shahbaz. Many “great coincidences” happen in the whole story where Shahbaz can’t meet her future sister-in-law before Nikkah ceremony.  Does this really happen in our “Normal” lives? The answer is definitely No.

Shahbaz met Fariya at their wedding reception. Now She continuously plots many evil plans after their marriage just to take revenge from Shahbaz. On the other side, Fariya’s younger brother got 1st position in University but Fariya did not show any response to this news as well. Is she really a sister? Think about it.

Fariya started another affair with a rich son of a famous businessman. Fariya is not coming slow, too fast. Shahbaz knows everything but he is compelled just because of his past with fariya. A Typical Indian Scenario, is it funny. So he is hiding everything from family & ignoring Fariya’s evil plans. Arbaz’s mind is totally under the control of his wife Fariya. Fariya misbehaves with every family member, arbaz’s parents are trying to explain her misbehaviour and bad habits to Arbaz, but fariya beautifully convinces him to her side. Are you fond of such types of dramas just like us? if yes then stay tuned to Har Pal Geo, To see what happened next.

Why is the audience attracted towards the Drama Serial Fitrat?

The story of drama serial Fitrat is old but the way it is being expressed & delivered is definitely grabbing the interest of the viewers. 7th Sky Entertainment projects are  famous for their best quality content so we can see perfection in this drama serial too.

Fitrat – A Bold Drama in Pakistani Drama Industry

No doubt Drama serial Fitrat is a bold drama serial. Viewers are excited about the story but they can’t hold back their opinions about the bold scenes of the drama serial regarding extra marital affairs. As Drama serial is in initial stories, directors & actors can easily raise the drama story without showing such boldness. Hugs are normal in the whole drama, this act is considered bold in Pakistani Family Dramas. While on the other hand, Fariya dresses are also bold as we see in the drama she usually wears skin tight dresses, robs, silk nighties, shoulderless dresses etc. Cameraman angles are also awkward, because they just focus on Fariya’s dressing.

Drama Serial Fitrat Reviews & Opinion

Audiences are excited to see Saboor Aly in a completely different role, because they always seen her in sad roles in almost every drama serial. Overall audience reviews are very good about this drama serial. But viewers also mention the unnecessary boldness in the drama serial. 

According to my personal review this type of boldness is not good in family dramas. Every country represents their own culture in their drama serials. Pakistani drama industry is famous just because of real content. Our dramas are a true reflection of our culture.

After viewing 19 episodes of this drama serial, I can say that this drama looks like a typical indian serial with many “Unreal” twists which are common in Fitrat. If you’re also following this drama then can you answer these questions. Is that funny, a brother can’t see his sister-in-law before marriage? Why extra marital affairs are now common in many Pakistani Dramas? What is the actual purpose of showing this type of content in family dramas?

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