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Unofficial Story of Ban tiktok movement & TikTok Rating Drop in India

Unofficial Story of Ban tiktok movement & TikTok Rating Drop in India

Ban tiktok Movement

Recently Ban tiktok india movement was trending on Internet. People are claiming that as a result of this moment Tiktok rating decreased drastically. Pople are signing ban tiktok petition in India.

Tik tok India Twitter Campaign

Recently there was a successful campaign with the name “Mat kar Forward” (#mastkarforward) on Twitter, to stop forwarding of unverified material on social media.

Tik Tok Rating dropped?

On twitter people are sharing screenshots of dropped tiktok rating down to 1.5 which hold no real world proof. As of now, TikTok rating on Google play store and app store is very much intact. Even if the TikTok ratings decreases for some reason, it cannot fall to as low as 1 or anything closer.

Logically, it is not possible for a mobile app’s rating to drop to such a low level, especially when it is the most used app in India from last few years.

CarryMinati Video on Tiktok vs YouTube

Indian Youtuber Carryminati’s roasting video on tiktokers vs youtubers was taken down from YouTube. This video broke all the records of views and engagement. It is believed that TikTOk’s ratings dropped after this video, and Carryminati told his followers to leave tiktok. Whereas Carry explained hat his intention was not to damage any platform’s reputation. Also, he added that indian humor cannot be understood well if translated in English. And that most people are misquoting him.

Tikok Owner zhang yiming Statement Controversy

On twitter screenshots of alleged statement by Zhang yiming about India and purpose behind tiktok was seen. According to this statement, Zhang Yiming created tiktok for jobless and mentally upset people and he said i am surprised too see this number in India. Logically, someone with this status cannot make such a irresponsible statement.

According to recent news ban tikitok in India holds no factual value.

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