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Fahad Sheikh’s Stellar Performance in Azmaish ARY Digital

Azmaish ARY Digital

A good actor is capable of performing a variety of roles to perfection forgetting who they are and adopting all the characters whose role they’re playing of. Fahad Sheikh is one of those actors who are emerging incredibly because of the capability of this trait. His leading role in the drama serial Azmaish ARY Digital is beyond perfection. Delivering dialogues in a good manner is not enough for an actor, he has to emit the character through his emotions, body language, and coordination with co-actors. And Fahad Sheikh‘s bond with co-stars Kinza Hashmi & Yashma Gill is incredible which is taking this drama to another level. He is acting as an obedient and hardworking employee, a well-mannered guy, and a demure lover covering all the waves to portray the character of Basit in Azmaish ARY Digital. His on-screen chemistry with Yashma Gill and Kinza Hashmi is amazing. Handling a stubborn and super calm character at the same time and treating them equally on screen is a bigger task for any actor. And Fahad sheikh being a newbie as leading role hold his control flawlessly.

Azmaish ARY Digital

Azmaish ARY Digital

The story of the drama serial Azmaish ARY Digital is based on envious emotions. 2 sisters Yashma Gill aka Shiza and Minsa Malik aka samreen who are depicted as villains,  jealous of their step-sister Kinza Hashmi aka Nimra who is portrayed as an innocent character who bears all injustices done by her stepsisters. Where Fahad Sheikh aka Basit is portrayed as an average-looking middle-class guy doing a 9-5 job.  Shiza being a mastermind never fails to put Nimra in trouble. She keeps doing mistakes intentionally and blaming Nimra for everything. His father fixes her marriage with her love interest rafay but due to her stubbornness and rude behavior, the wedding gets called off at the last moment

Azmaish ARY Digital

Going through these situations she gets married to Basit on her father’s wish in order to save her father. The story is quite interesting till now. Fahad sheikh aka Basit is stuck between these traumatic situations. But we’re expecting that there are more twists in the story are on their way. Because of the versatility of Fahad sheikh’s character who was a poor guy at the start, then get married to a rich girl and fell in love with a girl who is completely downtrodden in the same house he is living in.

Fahad sheikh’s other drama Dunk is also on air on ARY digital with Azmaish. He is playing completely different from the character in both dramas and still carrying it really well. He appeared in the controversial drama Jalan in the past which was a super hit. And his character in this drama was prominent and unique as well. He carried his role in Jalan marvelously which makes this drama his best project till now. He also appeared in block Buster drama Bandish aired on ARY digital, in which his role was prominent and he delivered it very well. Fahad Sheikh has also done a short film named “Naam Kiya Rakha” that was a massive hit. He has done so many projects but these mentioned showcased a real actor in him. As we know he started his acting career in 2014 in the drama serial Mubarak Ho Beti Hoi Ha. His role was not prominent at that time. His continuous effort, consistency, and passion for acting made him play a leading role in super hit dramas.

 Due to his constant hard work Fahad Sheikh is giving blockbusters one after one to the drama industry. His postures, accent, and body texture vibe like a hero in movies. He is blessed with a masculine and comforting voice with the addition of an extraordinary accent which makes everyone fall for him.  His presence on social media networks is such a kind gesture toward his fans. He engages with his fans and followers and motivates them to be a better version of themselves. His appreciation for the little efforts his fans make for him is discernible.  The way he is carrying himself and improving his minor mistakes shows his passion for acting. His fans are eagerly waiting to see him on a big screen as his Debut FIlm “YOU..ME..US” is just about to release.

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