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Asim Jofa Bio

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Who is Asim Jofa?

Asim Jofa is a 48 years old (as of the year 2020) Pakistan fashion designer. He has been adding colors to the fashion industry of Pakistan since more than 12+ years. He really is a maestro and falls in the list of expensive Pakistani Fashion designers. He has dedicated clients who do not even think of going to other designers because they are so happy with his creations.

Asim Jofa horoscope and DOB

Asim was born on the 4th of September, 1972, which makes him a Virgo. Well, like every Virgo he is extremely loving and artistic. He has fashion sense and a great amount of aesthetic sense. Only 5 months left for his next birthday. Verify this information at Asim Jofa Wikipedia

Asim Jofa family and education

He was born in Karachi, Sindh, to a middle class Muslim family. He has done his graduation from Central Saint Martins, which was and still is a great degree. Furthermore, his nickname is unknown and Asim Jofa is his real name.

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Asim’s Physical Stats

Asim’s physical stats are as follows. His height is 175 in centimeters and 1.75 in meters. He is 5’9”. He is 72 kilograms in weight, and 140.46 in lbs. His dress size is. His body measurements are 36-34-35. His shoe size is 9 (US). He is definitely nice-looking fellow.

More about his physical features, his eyes are dark brown and his hair colour is light brown. His head is full of hair and he is showing no signs of baldness.

Asim Jofa’s friends and Family

Little is known about Asim’s family. However he does consider his friends like family. His best friend is Sana Bucha.

Asim Jofa Career

Asim’s Signature Prêt Line is always loved and valued, not in Pakistan only but also in places like London, US, Canada and the UAE.

Asim followed the footsteps of his forefathers after graduation and entered the fashion industry without further ado. He soon became one of the richest designers of Pakistan.

His 2011 Fall line had a full crowd at Dubai Fashion Week.

Designer Asim Jofa Awards and Nominations

These are the various nominations and wins that Asim has seen.

Asim Jofa Controversies

Asim has avoided controversies like a plague, however he did get caught up in one when he took Ali Zafar’s side when he was caught up in the #MeToo movement for allegedly harassing Meesha Shafi.

Explaining of his point due to knowing the star, Asim posted on social media

I am not a very public person. But after seeing how a man and his family have been a victim to such targeted abuse, I feel compelled to stand up for what is right. For many years I have had the honour of hosting many people from the industry at my house in Karachi. I got to know Ali recently and have had the honour of having him over to my place a couple of times. The film, fashion and the show biz industry is a closely knitted one and mostly we are somewhat aware of each other’s personalities, lifestyle but at the same time respect each other’s privacy as no one is a saint including men and women both.”

Asim Jofa

People were not very fond of Asim’s views and he was called out for allegedly supporting an accused perpetrator.

Asim Jofa Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $100K-$1M. His collections are sold at extremely high prices and people are willing to buy his clothes because of the great quality and unique designs.

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Asim’s Affairs

Asim does not have any known affairs that are updated in media. There are no plans of his marriage either that have come to light.

Asim’s Designs

Have a look at Asim’s amazing designs to see if you will be buying them anytime soon.

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Asim’s Fun Fact!

Lesser-known fun fact is that Asim designs amazing jewellery! His jewellery is one of a kind and is famous amongst bling lovers. He started his venture of Diamond Gallery jewellery collection even before he ventured into designing.

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Diamond Gallery
asim jofa jewelry
Diamond Gallery
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Diamond Gallery
asim jofa diamond jewelry
Diamond Gallery

He does not smoke or drink.

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Asim Jofa twitter Instagram and Facebook

Asim is active on social media and remains interactive with his followers. You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.