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Ali Rehman Khan Leaked Video at Mcdonalds

Ali Rehman Leaked video
Ali Rehman Khan Leaked video

Ali Rehman Khan Actor who is recently in the news for his leaked video at Mcdonalds. In this video Ali Rehman khan is seen bashing up a Mcdonald’s Cashier. Here’s what actually happened.

What actually happened?

Ali Rehman Khan is complaining at the cash counter and arguing with the Mcdonal’d employee about something. In addition to the raised voice his body language is unacceptable. He shouts at the employee repeatedly and says: “is this the way you treat everyone here?”. To which the Cashier responds humbly that he did not mean to upset Ali Rehman, “please take it easy”. But the Angry Ali Rehman Khan goes on.

Leaked video of Ali Rehman Shouting

Not only Ali Rehman is yelling in the leaked video, but he also adds that Cashier is unaware of who he is. To be exact he used the words “Aap ko pta hai main kon hun”. And he asked the Mcdonald’s employee that weather he has seen the actor on TV. He continually enforced the fact that he is a celebrity and deserves respect. In response to that Cashier again requested him to calm down and take it easy.

Ali Rehman Khan goes furious

In response to that Ali Rehman Khan moved forward and in a raised voice told the cashier what he is worth. Ali Rehman Khan’s leaked video shows that he told the Mcdonald’s employee and understand who he actually is. He said “You are an employee here, and you must listen to me as it is your duty”. In response to these words , Cashier again humbly replied. I agree and i accept that. But furious Ali Rehman again pointed at other employees and told him that they all are complying and performing their duty, so should you do.

Afterwards, poor cashier again accepted and requested him not to be upset. Ali Rehman’s video shows that he swayed a Thousand Rupee note and said i’m paying you people here. Cashier again replied that “You are absolutely right. I accept that”

Ali Rehman leaked video gets viral

Finally the actor saw someone from the public shooting him from their mobile camera. Ali Rehman video shows that he stops immediately and realized that he is on camera. Furthermore, he takes a step back and heads towards the person recording him. He says ” Excuse me” and this is where this vigilante stops the video.

Ali Rehman Khan Leaked video

After this incident, Twitter Pakistan got flooded with tweets of public talking about Ali Rehman’s viral video which got leaked. And #AliRehmanLeakedVideo was number one on Trend in Pakistan. Above shared video is the reason why. Some of the tweets are shared below.

Ali Rehman Video viral on twitter


Ali Rehman Video Message after Leaked Video went Viral

Furthermore, here is Ali Rehman’s response on his Leaked Viral Video. Also, Real truth is shown in Ali Rehman Khan Reply to his Viral Video. Mcdonald’s verified it in a tweet as well. Based upon actor’s response to the leaked video, we come to know that it was a social experiment to highlight VIP culture in Pakistan. In addition to other social issues vip culture is a serious issue in our society.

Ali Rehman response on leaked video

After the video message of actor Ali Rehman aired on his Instagram TV, fans who were furious, took a step back. But truth of the matter is that fans are shook on this leaked video of Ali Rehman. Ali Rehman Khan is lead role in recently released Pakistani Movie “Heer Maan Ja” by Imran raza Kazmi. His co-star was Hareem Farooq.

Ali Rehman video message after leaked video

Many people are still confused about weather this is the real truth of Ali Rehman video or he paid off Mcdonald’s. Is this a cheap publicity stunt or he actually performed a social experiment in collaboration with Mcdonald’s.

Behind the Scene of Ali Rehman Video Prank

Check out Mcdonald’s Latest Tweet on Ali Rehman’s Viral video

Ali Rehman Behind the scene of Viral video at Mcdonalds