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Actress Uzma Khan Leaked Video goes viral

Actress Uzma Khan Leaked Video
Actress Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan' leaked video went viral. In the video apparently the lady yelling at Uzma and her sister is Amna Usman (Malik Riaz Daughter and Usman Malik's wife). According to recent update, an FIR has been registered against Pashmina Malik and Amna Malik Riaz for various charges including trespassing and assault.

Actress Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan’ leaked video went viral. In the video apparently the lady yelling at Uzma and her sister is Usman’s wife (with whom (one of) these ladies allegedly have an affair) Video went viral on the internet within a few hours.

Uzma Khan Leaked video

Actress Uzma Khan and her sister

Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan are allegedly in an affair with Usman whose face has not been revealed yet. uzma Khan is a famous Pakistani actress who appeared in Pakistani films Waar, Jawani Phir nahi ani (1 and 2) , Yalghaar, and Film Teri Meri love story. Previously many Pakistani actresses fell prey to leaked photos and videos controversies. However uzma khan leak is somewhat different.

Uzma Khan Lawyer

uzma khan leaked video

Who is Usman in Uzma Case?

Uzma Khan leak

Malik Riaz Daughter Response

Here is the response of Usman’s wife on Uzma khan and Huma khan leaked video.

Amna Usman Malik Statement on Uzma Khan Scandal video

Amna Usman, Malik Riaz’s daughter made a video in response to Uzma Khan’s viral video trending on internet. Amna clarified, that Usman Malik is not immediate family of Malik Riaz Hussain. And everyone who is connecting Malik Riaz to the Uzma Khan case is doing so to damage his reputation. Furthermore she said Advocate Hassan Khan Niazi is trying to exploit the situation and make some money out of this whole matter for Uzma Khan and Huma Khan.

uzma khan scandal video

In addition, she also says that i did not barge into any ones house. And that she went to Usman Malik (her husband) house which she has every right to enter. She has been married to Usman for 13 years, and she has a 11 years old son. Furthermore, Amna Usman said that these women are homewreckers and how can anyone support them. According to her, she admits that her husband is at fault and she blames her equally, and she justifies her action by saying that any woman (if put in my place) would have done the same.

Aman Usman claims that she caught the girls with Alcohol and cocaine while Uzma Khan claims she has been in aitkaaf. Malik riaz’s daughter also claims that she has repeatedly warned both sisters Uzma and Huma Khan.

Uzma Khan case and Hassan Khan Niazi

Hassan khan niazi Uzma Khan case

Who is Hassan Khan Niazi?

Advocate Hassan Khan Niazi who is PM imran Khan’s Nephew is believed to be pursuing Uzma khan case as a lawyer. Barrister Hassan Niazi tweeted about Uzma Khan leaked video in which Malik Riza’s daughter Amna Usman is allegedly yelling at Huma and Uzma. His recent tweets include complaining against paralyzed justice system in the country. According to him Uzma Khan FIR is the weakest FIRs Ever registered.

Uzma Khan video outside police station

In response to leaked video of Pakistani actress , she heads to police station to demand justice. Here is Uzma Khan response while she was outside police station to file an FIR against

Justice for Uzma Khan

Uzma Khan Press Conference

Lawyers of Uzma Khan (including Hassan Niazi), and her sister Huma Khan gathered at Lahore Press club for a press conference. Uzma Khan press conference put forth few important demands from Actress uzma, Huma and their lawyers. Watch the Full video of Press conference below

Update on Uzma Khan Case

According to recent trending news, an FIR has been registered against Malik Riaz family members : Pashmina Malik and Amna Usman in light of Pakistani laws for various charges including Trespassing and more. This FIR also includes 16 other people for various charges including assault and trespassing.

Trending Justice for Uzma Khan

Recent development seen in Uzma Khan Leaked video case is Pakistani media industry figures like Amir Liaquat, Farieha Altaf, and Journalists Sana Bucha, Asma Shirazi, Iqrar Ul Hassan and Imran Khan are tweeting about how Malik Riaz’s family members invaded the house of Actress Uzma Khan is wrong.

Frieha Altaf on Uzma Khan and Usman Malik case

Amir Liaquat tweet on Amna Usman and Uzma Khan issue

FIR against Malik Riaz daughter and grand daughter
uzma khan leaked photos

Journalist Imran Khan on Uzma Khan Video case

Iqrar ul Hassan Sar e Aam on Uzma Khan Huma Khan caught Case

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Anchor Sana Bucha on Uzma Khan video case

Arshad Sharif on Uzma Khan and Malik Riaz Daughter Case

Latest Update: DIG Operations Lahore on Uzma and Malik’s Case

Uzma Khan Settlement

Legal Council of Actress uzma Khan withdraws from case as the sisters settle with Malik Riaz’s family.